Mr. Sunshine

This show premiered tonight, and I’m really liking it. It’s focused on Matthew Perry (who is funny as heck), but also has Allison Janney (who I just love), Andrea Anders (from Better Off Ted) and others. The show is also executive produced by Thomas Schlamme (who is the West Wing connection with Janney and Perry) who also directed the first episode.

Anyone else catch this one?

I don’t understand how you saw it tonight. I looked at my TiVo guide info and it says the pilot is on Wednesday.

Sounds good. I love the principal actors. Andrea Anders has the worst luck though. She seems to go from one good sitcom (and yes, I liked Joey, so sue me) to the next, and it always fails to get the ratings.

I am also confused by this time traveler.

I dunno, I downloaded it tonight. shrug

It looks like Wednesday is its regular night, but it must’ve premiered tonight somewhere for me to have gotten it.

Looks funny enough, and Allison janney yay, but it means no more Cougar Town for the year. So it needs to be awesome for me not to hate it.

It totally has the potential for being awesome, especially due to Allison Janney’s perfect brand of crazy. ;)

I admit, I’m a Matthew Perry fan. He proved to me in The Whole Nine Yards that he still “gets” slapstick, and I dig it.

I’ll give it a chance, fa sho.

I dunno. He was on the Daily Show hawking it and Perry was just so full of himself that I had to fast forward through the last half of his interview.

I think the pilot was ok and it had it’s ups and downs(but I really hated one part of it and without to much spoiling lets call it the ice-removal).

You hated that? I really thought it was pretty funny.

Not the best pilot in the world. I’ll give it a few more eps to grab me. Some of Allison Janey’s stuff was funny, especially when she claimed not to have any children in that speech.

I can see why it funny but you don’t remove the ice.

I liked it, but I’m an unashamed Matthew Perry fan. I like the character he’s playing here, too. He’s got Chandler’s tendency to hide behind humor, but the character’s personality otherwise aren’t particularly Chandleresque. And I’ve always liked the way Matthew Perry says his lines, his weird verbal patterns.

(It’s funny how hard it is for people to break away from their biggest roles. I don’t think Jules on Cougar Town is much like Monica, but I can still see a lot of Monica in her. And Matt LeBlanc as Matt LeBlanc on Episodes has a lot of Joey-qualities. Which I guess means your good TV actors are going to be the ones who put a lot of themselves into their roles.)

Five bucks says he whines that it’s not realistic!

Hooray! I win!

The clowns with axe scene pays off it’s entirety with Allison Janney’s Freakout.

That has to have been the worst theme song I’ve ever heard. It was barely long enough to even qualify as a song. Even now, I’m not entirely convinced it does.

Yes, totally, loved this.

Allison Janney was the best part of this show.

“I am so high right now.”

People actually liked this? Aside from Allison Janney this was just about the worst written and worst acted pilot I think I’ve ever seen.

It certainly wasn’t great but it was also nowhere near the worst. The worst I can remember actually caring about was the US version of Coupling. It was just so so bad.