MS Office 2007 64-bit exist?

Is there a 64-bit version of MS Office 2007? How do you obtain it? I can purchase Office 2007 through work but I only have an option to pick:
“Office Enterprise 2007 Win32 English Direct DVD Home Use Rights”. I’m guessing that the “Win32” means it’s 32-bit.

Does MS have a upgrade path for 64-bit Office or a DVD exchange/request program?

Non-OS, non-Driver software doesn’t need to be 64-bit aware to work on a 64-bit OS. Office x86 works on 32-bit and 64-bit platforms.

Thanks, with your help, my GoogleFu finally turned up this:

Yeah, it’ll run but there is no native 64-bit version of Office 2007 (which I think you learned).

But what would capabilities could such a version have? What could they add to Office for the 64 bit version that wouldn’t work in a 32 bit environment?

You need 64-bit modules for proper integration into the shell and IE (if using the 64-bit version), but I think the 32-bit version of Office does already include and use them as needed. The main app itself doesn’t really need to be 64-bit until it starts running into memory limits, and I think it’s still a long ways away from that.

Nothing, which is one reason why there isn’t one. But the question was “Does Office 2007 exist in a 64-bit version?”, and all I said was “No, the 32-bit version will work, though.”

I get asked this more frequently as people feel the “need” to run 64-bit Vista and XP on their machines. The figure that if the OS is 64-bit and that’s “better”, then the 64-bit version of Office would be “better” too. Then we get crap for not selling it, even though it doesn’t exist.

A 64-bit version of Excel wouldn’t go astray, so that we can have 4-billion-row by 65,536-column spreadsheets to get lost in.

Yeah, I run Vista x64 w/ Office 2007 x86.

And Vista x64 has tons of cool features that Vista x86 doesn’t have. Like the ability to not let me print on “lesser” printers (like the ones in my office).

That’s actually a feature of your shitty printer. (*No driver support for modern operating systems!!!)

No, this is Microsofts fault.

I know this because Bill Clinton said so on Good Morning America.

You can run a proc as 32, in which case WOW gets in the way and redirects certain registry and filesystem calls, and then if you are running something in MSIL, the Jitter will recompile a PE into a 54 bit binary or 32 bit binary on the fly. Pretty cool, except when navigating the registry.