Ms pr

My favorite PR notice ever.

"It’s never been better than this for Bay Area sports fans. The San Francisco Giants continue their run to a possible berth in the World Series and the San Francisco 49ers continue their winning ways with a 20-13 victory over the Seattle Seahawks on “NFL Fever on Monday Night.”

Neh? Wha?

Um… shit… nevermind. I swear it said that the 49’ers were going to the World Series just a second ago. I had this image of the Niners beating up a baseball team on national television.

It is no longer my favorite PR notice ever. Look, I just got off a plane. I should probably just go to bed now. Damn my eyes!

This was one of my favorite lines from Theif 2! ;)

Well no worries. The first time I read the quote, I thought it said the Giants were going to the Super Bowl. So I sort of agreed with you… then I read it a second time.