MS Surface


Hey. It’s a Gap ad. No view of apps. All the Surface units have the Metro grid.

vs first iPad commercial:

iPad 2:

iPad 3:

It should be noted that I really do dislike Apple’s use of “delightful” and “magical” bullcrap in its voiceovers.


Its got magnets, and snappy things!


Nexus 7 commercial is better even:


Reminds me of the Palm Pre commercial:


Pricing of the RT version: $499 for the 32GB version, $599 for 64 GB. $599 for 32 GB with Touch Cover. Touch/Type Cover individual pricing: $119 and $129 respectively.


Does anyone think that’s competitive? Looks like it’s $100 less than an iPad if you don’t get the cover, right? Roughly comparable to some of the more well-known Android 10" tablets as well.

Still somewhat disappointing. I’d think $499 for 32GB and they throw in the cover for free would make more sense.


Absolutely content free advertising. My favorite.

My take aways:

  • it runs Windows 8
  • there are 2 things that click together
  • it comes in colors that I don’t like, but I guess there’s a black version so that’s OK

I’ll pass for now. Show me something real…


It’s the same price as the iPad 3, effectively (most people don’t care about storage size, and just get the base one, so the spec difference is largely irrelevant). But it has a screen more like the $399 iPad 2. It’s flat-out $100 more than Android – the Asus TF300 is similarly specced, and lists at $399.

If you think Windows RT, and its amazing app selection – they have literally DOZENS of apps available – is worth a $100 premium over popular tablets, then there you are. Otherwise, it’s a total dud.


Well, my intent to buy has just been smashed.

I’ve been in the market for a new mobile computing device for 2 months. I’ve been waiting on this one to see if it’ll meet my needs (vendor presentations, mobile email/internet, media player etc.), but not at $500. At that price, I’ll just get a fully functioning laptop.

Of course, if the entire market feels as I do, and nobody bites at 500 bucks, MS will be forced to drop the price, and then they’ll sell a ton, see: HP TouchPad.


Don’t know how anyone could have thought that they would sell it at $199, $299 or $399.


Because $399 is a price where it’s competitive with similarly-specced hardware. $499 is where you price it if you want to fail.

Any of the <$399 prices were people predicting that Microsoft was going to be bold, and go all-in on it. It’s probably not even a money-losing price, given that Amazon is selling a higher-specced 8.9" tablet (slightly smaller screen, but much better resolution, so probably more expensive overall) for $299.


Yeah, $399 would have been very interesting. As mkozlows said Amazon is selling a tablet for under $300, so slap the keyboard on the Surface and sell it for $400 and sell the Surface w/o keyboard for $349. MS couldn’t manage that somehow?

OTOH it is $200 cheaper than a new 32GB iPad, so that’s something. However, a 16GB iPad 2 is $399 new and you can get a bluetooth keyboard for $61 so you’re coming in cheaper than the Surface + keyboard.

I dunno – $400 for what’s essentially a laptop and a tablet would have been compelling. $500 makes you want to price shop and look at what you’d save if you go laptop only or spend a little more and get the new iPad. I am not someone who needs or even wants an MS OS on a tablet, however, so my viewpoint doesn’t reflect those people who want a Windows device for work reasons.


Those prices mean this is going to fail. They are just high enough that people will be spurred to comparison shop instead of just lusting and needing it. No matter how hard MS tries to make these seem cool and hip, they’re not iPads, so those prices invite people to just check out other products.

I expect the next gen of the Surface to have a significant price drop.


No retina class screen no interest.

I would completely write this off if it wasn’t for Visual Studio 2012 and all of Microsoft’s developer frameworks.


Nobody wants a WinRT device for work reasons. For work, you get a Win8 device, which runs your regular Windows apps. Acer actually offers a full Win8 convertible tablet with dual-core Atom (the Iconia W510) for $499, so that’s a far more compelling product for work purposes.


If the pen that comes with the Win8Pro is pressure sensitive (and it ought to be), then it seems it’s the closest to a digital sketchbook as you’ll get. A nice thin light tablet you can comfortably rest on your lap, powerful enough to run real graphics programs like photoshop and illustrator, and a high def large display. I want it.

I like my current tablet laptop for doing art, but it’s bulky and heavy and the screen is very shabby when it comes to viewing angle for color values.


Well, good thing I didn’t hold out for an RT. $499? Yikes.


The pricing is hilarious. What a dog.


The pricing is hilarious. What a dog.

Microsoft fails again. Sigh.


This looked so cool! Too bad about the pricing.

Maybe they will make a Gamer Edition with a high-end graphics card and i7? And sell it for $1200?