MST3K Rocks!

Just cause I want to talk about it.

Will we ever see its like again?
Mayhap not.

Agreed. My wife used to hang out at the Best Brain Studios when she was in High School, and she was even able to get some extra Tom Servo heads from them.

That brings back memories, I think it was one of the first shows I watched on sci fi channel. The only movie I still remember because it was just so weird was " Puma Man"

Who’s the nimrod who voted for Mike?

Yeah, what the hell? Who votes for Mike over Joel? Mike was more robotic than any of the puppets.

Erik J.

I’m a Mike fan.

Maybe Joel is the better guy, but there were just more better Mike episodes:

Girl’s Town
Girl in Lover’s Lane.
Freakin’ Outlaw!

My favorite bits are when the guys are just rolling, and it’s great joke after great joke. Joel was always in control, always “the boss”.
Mike was part of the ensemble.

And we won’t count the Sci-Fi shows. It wasn’t the same without Trace.

Sci-Fi undeniably had weaker host segments, but some of their episodes rank among my favorites. “Space Mutiny” alone makes the Sci-Fi shows worthwhile.

I am enjoying RiffTrax, but MST3K is the original and best.

God, yes. I love that episode to death.

Ahhhh, MST3K.

When I was in college, we didn’t get whatever cable channel it was on (wasn’t it on comedy central first?) so a friend of ours would mail us video tapes of it, and we’d all go over to one house and watch them, interspersed with games of Illuminati.

Good times. Whichever episode had the ice-skating short is one of my favorites.

“And vomit spews forth in an explosive technicolor dream!”

Just the other day I was looking at the MST3K web site, thinking about how much a missed the show. Has it been really 7 years since it was canceled? I’m really surprised it hasn’t come back in some form by now.
As for Mike vs Joel: I say that Mike was better at riffs in the theater, Joel was better at host segments.

It took awhile for Mike’s run to get its stride, but it got there, and Space Mutiny’s definitely an exhibit for that side of the poll. (“Ewww. This is as erotic as getting a lapdance from Trent Lott!”)

But Joel will always receive my vote, because his run had better shorts. Mr. B. Natural for the…win?

I think both are great. I just got a good MSTK pack with Space Mutany, Hamlet, Girl in Gold Boots and one of my favs Overdrawn at the Memory Bank starring Raul Julia.

I have 4 of the seasons on my media server and I can easily say that season 3 is the best. That’s before Mike.

I saw a bunch of DVD sets at the store last week… mighty tempting, though I have to admit, I never found the episodes as funny as the movie.

My list of favorites:

Outlaw: Return to Gor “Cabot!, Cabot!, Cabot!” “We desperately need pants”
Puma Man “He flys like a moron”
Prince of Space “I have no powers but I can skip reasonably well”
Human Duplicators “I will not fail, much”
Hercules vs the Moon Men “I enjoy being a guy, yeah!”
Fugitive Aliens I and II Captain Joe: “Bloody Marys all around”

Mike vs Joel: Mike wins but I’ll always have a soft spot in my heart for the sleepy looking guy.

Dr. Forrester vs Pearlo: Dr. F but Pearl had her moments and she loved slot machines

TV’s Frank vs Brain Guy… Frank by a hair, a very platinum blonde hair.

I don’t play favorites. I have agape love for all related to the show, even if Mike doesn’t like atheists.

This one has some of the best riffs ever. “You’ve turned them into robots!” (robot falls down and breaks) “Granted, not very good robots.”

Manos, of course, is in a class all its own.

Yeah, I don’t think I can name a preference either. Though Mike was always the first for me, because I’m young and didn’t discover the show until Mike was already hosting.

I started watching MST3K in the first season so I guess I just like Joel