Murder aboard a home-made sub


Holy schikees. The rabbit hole goes deeper.


Holy fuck, I wonder if they’re videos he made or just random ones he downloaded.


Who knew Girl with the Dragon Tattoo was a documentary?


Stuff he downloaded.


I predict a confession soon.


What a crazy run. As horrible as this whole thing is, it was like something right out of a murder mystery tv series.


I dunno – his defense will be some sea creature dismembered her. Also those stab wounds were probably teeth puncture wounds from the same sea critter. That kind of argument.

I’m not saying that will work, but I could see a lawyer claiming that. How long were the torso and parts in the sea anyway? My guess is the thing that will hard to explain away will be saw marks on bones, if there are such on the torso and parts.




I think his defense is she died in an accident, he went temporarily insane and dismembered her corpse to get rid of it (? admittedly), and then came back to himself. Hopefully no one believes it, but it’s a story, anyway.


Let’s assemble in the dining room.
As Laura Bow taught me, there are inconsistancies in his story, as he claimed she was knocked out by an hatch falling on her head, yet her recovereed head’s inspection showed no trace of trauma.


Also, you know, the dozen-plus stab wounds. Those just scream accident.


I mean it works in Russia sometimes.


Up until this point, I was managing to keep an open mind. But put together with this apparent fascination of his, I’m beginning to think more along the lines of serial killer.


I read a story yesterday that they found all the parts of her body in a weighted down bag, and inside the bag was the knife used to stab her.


Clearly an octopus, then. Or a squid. Something with tentacles to grasp the knife.



Well then, his lawyer is going to need to get more creative!


Because nothing quite screams “innocent” like jettisoning the evidence! I hate to prejudge but in the face of the overwhelming evidence and his constantly changing story, I hope this guy rots in hell for all eternity.


I agree. It’s hard to imagine it was an accidental death. The thing that’s odd is that people knew she got on the sub with him, so murdering her while on the sub would be difficult to get away with. I suspect he may have been enraged and did it without thinking.

Whatever his motivation, the guy is a threat to society and needs to be locked up the rest of his life.


I actually could buy freaking out and covering up an accidental death. I think it would be a super dumb move, but people don’t necessarily make the best move available in times of stress. There is just too much contradicting that scenario at this point, though. Like the stab wounds.