Music I just listened to and just had to freaking share

If anyone is a fan of golden age hip hop, De La Soul’s back catalogue is finally out of music rights hell and is on streaming services starting today. Also, RIP Trugoy.

It is indeed De La Friday!

New Sparks.

How does John Cale just decide not to release this song in 1978?

Also kudos to the estimable Mr. Cale for somehow making the line “He’s just like Jack the Ripper at the Moulin Rouge” into an insanely catchy earworm hook.

Today is the 50th anniversary of the release of the 2nd (and final album released in Judee Sill’s lifetime.)

I haven’t listened to any of her records in a while, so I figured I’d put Heart Food on and just listen to it go for a while.

And now I"m so far down the rabbithole that all I kinda want to listen to are Judee Sill records. So here’s a gorgeous live rendering of one of her songs from that album!

There was supposed to be a followup album to Heart Food. It’s SUPER hard to find (and fetches collector prices of ~ $150), but Jim O’Rourke took the long-shelved tapes from that unreleased third album and gave it a proper mix and a boutique label put it out in 2005. And at the time O’Rourke was like “Why didn’t someone put this record out before now?”

Apparently it was just about completely finished when she went on a drug relapse bender and everyone trying to coax her into doing something constructive with her life just threw in the towel. Then she died a few years later and it was kind of forgotten for a decade or two.

But that record was recorded at Mike Nesmith’s amazing recording studio in Southern California. And the engineer and producer on those tracks on that unreleased album?

This guy:

Which explains the tragedy of a song this fucking good never seeing the light of day until 26 years after Sill’s reckless death:

Anyway, going down the rabbit hole of Judee Sill’s music is simultaneously one of the most exhilarating and incredibly sad things I’ve experienced in a good long while.

Beautiful songs. Thank you!

Awesome song. A perfect tribute.

Also, apparently this documentary is making the rounds of the small festival circuit but hopefully will be available on home video or something like it soon.

Been hooked back into this theme since Picard season 3 started. I actually own the CD for this movie soundtrack. :D

To start dig on this. I know James Brown was the hardest working man in show business, but check out this five minute song and see what the entire band is doing, I bet the guy burned 3000 calories at each show:

And here’s what made me want to post it, David Byrne is pretty much as sharp as as a 25-year-old. These Wired complete interviews come up on my YouTube all the time and I enjoy them, but this one stuck out to me as a 70-year-old man who has lost nothing. Many of these are people groping for answers or laughing things off, yet he’s crisp, sharp, remembers everything, and also treats the whole concept respectfully and just does the job. I wish at 50 I was as sharp as he is at 70.

Very surprised no one’s posted this yet. This is a Linkin Park song first recorded 20 years ago but never released. It was released last month as a tribute and features Chester who sadly took his own life back in 2017. It already has over 27 million views. It’s a banger and the lyrics hit you like a truck.

I think the editor of that video deserves some credit for sharpening up ol’ Dave. :D

Great vid! Thanks for sharing.

Someone’s coming down, whether it’s milk or cream…


the chorus

the thump

This video has 129 views. Probably 128 are mine. 16th century chill out trance.

everybody knows that good music design started not earlier than 1688 with Henry Purcell (Dido and Aeneas) just joking