Has anyone used their PC assembly service? I’m going to need a new desktop soon, and they look like they might be a decent place to go.

Yes, they’ll preassemble the parts you order.

My dad just used their assembly service last fall and he was very happy with the job that they did.

Used it a few years ago; figured it would be nice to know the CPU, motherboard, and RAM were all good, which would save some troubleshooting headaches. They did a nice job.

I would go with a retailer better known for building computers, like AVADirect at the low end or maingear/velocity micro at the boutique end.

But really if you’re not going to overclock, just buy a cheapass dell and pop a 8800GT in it. If you are going to overclock, you’re probably comfortable rolling your own.

Edit: for example, this deal for a fully loaded dell with a quad-core CPU, 3GB RAM, 500GB HD, 8800GT video, and a frickin’ blu-ray drive for $936 shipped. If you don’t have an EPP login ask your friends, someone is sure to have one.

Used to use Mwave all the time in the late 90s for my computer needs. Their assembly service was great then.

I got my last PC from them. I used to use them all the time in the 90s before I moved to CA. I stopped using them because I’d have to pay tax, but this time when I was specing out a PC their prices made the extra I’d pay for tax negligible. I was actually very happy with the quality of the build as well. Cables were run intelligently and tied off properly.

Used them 2 years ago for the board, CPU and RAM\ and had no problems at all.

Holy crap, that is awesome. Anyone have an EPP login? :)