My ideal game

So here is my ideal game and if I had any programming experience I’d make it so I’m hoping the idea will get some Dev percolating and I’ll be able to play this before I die.

  1. Realistic economy- People need to consume stuff, they get this stuff by mining/gathering/producing. This stuff is bought and sold at various places, the economy is REALISTIC. Not like most of those stupid space trading games where you buy medicine and deliver it to planet X where it always sells for a profit. Planet X needs medicine because a certian number of people are sick, they can’t produce the medicine (lack of resources or production facilities) and a big delivery will drive down the cost of medicine because people are using it, not because the bid/ask spread in the game says it does.

  2. Multiplayer/Single player Structured like a MMORPG but balanced so that whether you play solo or in a group you can get the same rewards. My gaming should be enhanced by the company I choose to keep, not by my ability to meet my guildmates at 3 AM so that the Korean dude can get his quest done.

  3. Travel is full of pretty scenery but farily optional. WOW is broken in the fact that you run around 20 minutes between quests. Just walking around. don’t get me wrong, the scenery is pretty, but when the ultimate game reward is to buy a mount that lets you travel at a decent rate then you’re getting ripped off by the devs with artificial travel times between stuff to do. Guild wars has this pretty much right, too bad the game is a boring grindfest with an artificialy low level cap.

Is there anything planned or on the horizon that incorporates these ideas?

Um… what the fuck is the GAME here? An MMORPG with a more real-world economy, solo-friendly, and with lots of quick-travel?

I rather doubt there’s a lot of work going on to build a realistic economy in an MMORPG. The other two sound fairly likely to be fairly common, but what do I know, I don’t play MMORPGs.

What, you mean you’d prefer this to zombie X-Com?

  • Alan

Sounds like a multiplayer co-op game with some decent market simulation, not really needing to be an MMORPG at all.

A new Privateer-type game that actually hits all those marks would probably be pretty cool.

Before I make a real post, do you want us to share our ideal game ideas or criticize/comment on yours?

I never understood why people take the really cool idea of exploring space in a ship you cobble together through the rewards of daring and adventure, and twist it into a very boring simulation of space economics 101.

Maybe ship customization would be more exciting if you could actually salvage more from blown-up ships and make weird hybrid ships out of hull pieces and whatnot. Mech Commander 2 seemed to hit this spot pretty nicely for me; you could disable enemy mechs and salvage them for the next part of the campaign after paying to repair them.

As for economics/trade, well, I wouldn’t focus the entire game on it. I think that quests or random encounters should facilitate throwing action in along the way, so that it never feels like you are the hyperspace delivery boy. Making shipments through blockades by stealth or suicidal combat should be key for this sort of gameplay. ;)

Maybe a game where you play some cross between Boba Fett and Han Solo would stimulate your ideas better.

How about zombie X-Com with a realistic economy?

How much does a “Severed Clawed Decaying Grey Zombie Hand” go for on the world market these days?

You could always check eBay.

Ummm… three Crystal Skull… Kingdoms.

My ideal game would have to combine the 4x, wRPG, and adventure genres. So… basically thats not going to happen. I like your suggestion of a more realistic, need-based economy. The closest I’ve encountered was the Settlers: Rise of an Empire(?) beta I tried. Its in an RTS framework, though, so I doubt its what you’re looking for.

EVE’s economy isn’t exactly realistic, but it’s complicated, at least. They have economy devblogs by some Icelandic economy professor now. Players drive the market, so you’ve got supply and demand etc.

Not much scenery, of course.

I’m pretty sure you can’t sell human body parts on eBay, and zombiefication can only make it more verboten.

I do not think any such game is even being planned. Your description is a bit nebulous. What is the end-goal of your game? In WoW, the clear end-goal is loot.

I couldn’t find severed zombie hands, but severed zombie heads go for about $100 + shipping. Also its listed as hand made, so it wasn’t made by some third rate industrial zombie decapitator. My guess is that they used a chain saw with a stainless steel razor-wire chain. Thats craftmanship. Its made in the USA as well, so you can expect undead manufacturing sector to be booming here before the Chinese put a stranglehold on the market.

Shenanigans. Everyone know that the chainsaw is your worst bet when going for strict decapitation. Incapacitation its good, as it can literally halve an enemy, but for shear removal power, the Shaolin Spade or a good machette will do the trick.

I’d say that was a machette job. Although the severed part isn’t shown, I’m going to guess its nice and clean, so as to be able to mount somewhere.