My iphone 8 keeps cutting out and I can't figure out why

I’ll be talking with someone and it will just go blank and they can’t hear my anymore. Sometimes it just drops out. It’s been a problem for the last month or maybe more. How does one even troubleshoot something such as this? It’s on the Verizon network.

Are you on WiFi calling or a cell network? Have you upgraded to 14.2? I heard that this is a known issue with WiFi calling and that the 14.2 upgrade addresses this. I haven’t had drops lately but then I don’t use my phone for calling all that often.

I’m not sure if I have wifi calling? I know my iphone uses my iphone at the house and that’s where I seem to be having issues.

Go to Settings- Cellular - WiFi calling. Trying turning it off.

Try a hands free BT headset call to compare and check if there’s debris in microphone area

Thanks, turned it off. Will see how next calls go :)

The suspense is killing me. Someone call Jeff!

I haven’t had a long call yet to test.