My Reset Button Stopped Working on my SNES: Fuck Nintendo

So my reset button doesn’t work anymore on my SNES. It’s only 15 years old! Fucking shitty Nintendo hardware.

On top of that, this is my SECOND SNES. The first one’s power connector broke about 4 years back, and even tape couldn’t fix it anymore.

I’ve never heard of this happening with the Genesis. I sure threw in with the wrong hardware.

Man and people like adventure games that I don’t like, WTF!

I wish I still had my SNES.

The Iphone has a lot of limitiations but it’s still the best device I’ve ever owned!

Sega does what Nintendon’t.

Virtual Console is quite good

Don’t even get me started on the shitty backwards compatibility. Don’t get me wrong, Super Mario All-Stars is great and all, but at this rate it’ll be decades before we can play the original Zelda on our SNESs.

The SNES is shaped so you can’t rest a cup of coffee or bowl of soup on top of it. Where am I going to rest my soup?

So are you done with SNES gaming forever, or what?

SNES gaming is d0med

My Dreamcast actually broke after I had it for like 2 years. Shitty Sega hardware!

Only after people start making better games.

That’s it. I’m done with SNES gaming forever.

Hmm… I want to play Zelda again. I’ve not used my SNES for about 15+ years, does anyone know if my savegame on cartridge still work? If not I want my money back!!11 :P

I have 15 year old SNES games whose savegames still work. I wouldn’t worry about it. If they don’t, there’s plenty of instructions on youtube about how to replace the batteries.

Psssh, I just bought a rom cart from Canada and copied all of my games onto it so I never have to change cartridges again. I have 1,363 games on there now.

Hehe, maybe I should hook up an old pc again and get my games copied to HD. I still have a few development kits in a box from the old console days in a drawer somewhere.

Now you wish you bought that 25 year extended warranty for the SNES like me!

Nintendo=crap. Can you play Biplanes on an SNES? I didn’t think so.

My 30 year old Intellivision is still running strong. sigh 30 years and I still can’t beat AD&D:Treasure of Tarmin. Or Night Stalker.

I kid you not, Sunday night my 12-year old son and 20 year old niece were playing a Super Mario Bros. game on the SNES.