Mystery of President Bush's watch in Albania

Mystery of President Bush’s watch in Albania

George W Bush was visibly cheered when he received a hero’s welcome in Albania at the weekend, with Albanians draped in the Stars and Stripes reaching out to hug him and shake his hand.

But perhaps the leader of the Western world should have exercised a little more caution and followed the standard advice to travellers in the Balkans to keep an eye on their belongings.

The second and third pictures looks like Bush is scrapping with the peeps in the crowd. He is probably defending the Albanian criticism of what’s happening with Paris Hilton.

There is a link on reddit which has a movie of said incident which shows the actual watch snatching occurring. If I wasn’t so lazy I would link to it.

You know you’ve got it good when the only place in the world you can get a warm welcome is Albania, and they steal your watch.

At least people don’t try to swipe locks of hair anymore.

Meh. He can afford it.

I think what people don’t realize is that we elected a male Paris Hilton as President.

That’s some piss-poor security. Anyone close enough to nick his watch would also be close enough to use a razor blade on him.

Man, he obviously puts it in his pocket. He pulls his hand away shortly after they start grabbing his arms. You can see the dark band of the watch right up until he pulls it away from the crowd. When he returns the hand about 20 seconds later, there’s no watch. It makes sense for him to take it off, they say he took it off, but Murdoch’s xenophobic rag reports it like it probably was theft.

I love the way the Italian press don’t even bother to say “maybe” and just assume it was stolen.

I disagree. Paris is serving her time…

I’d call that good security, but probably not the kind you had in mind…

That being said, he probably told the SS to back off and let the adulation flow. I mean, it’s not like he’s ever seen it before.

or likely to see it again.

Don’t kid yourselves, the man got elected because there are plenty of states that gave him that kind of reception at one time. Some probably still do.

You got P&R in my EE!

To top it off, I hear those Mickey Mouse watches are hard to replace as well.

Maybe the watch contained top secret information, like, a microchip FULL OF SECRETS, and it was Bush’s plan all along to have it “stolen”.

It’s like G-dub is working for Clinton’s Chinese relations department.