Name ---> Game! Let's Happy Playing!

Proving that once every 50 years when the stars are aligned correctly, a retard writes Hamlet, GAF has come up with what I think is a potentially great idea for a thread.

It goes like this, one person posts a name, then the next person to post makes up a game from the name. Then that person posts a name for the next poster to do so and so on.

Got it?

Here’s the first name: Return of Evil Monkey Queen

Go to it!


That’s actually the sub-title to the next Monkey Island game.

I know, I know!

It’s the sequel to that erotically themed PS2 game. You know, the one that came with those controversial peripherals. You hooked up those soft leather paddles, and you were supposed to spank the m…

Here’s another name: Wolfenstein of Might and Magic

Isn’t that the one where Hitler’s brain is preserved in a jar and launched off to another planet where magic works? It’s a multiplayer capture-the-flag thing, except you’re trying to capture Hitler’s brain. Kind of poorly balanced, though–fairy ninjas kicked everyone else.

Next name: Fred Smith, Forensic Accountant.

I’ve been watching this for months. It’s one of those internet mystery games like “Majestic” and “Missing” where you get sucked into a plot, and the game’s website sends you Faxes and IM’s and weird phone calls and stuff to add a creepy layer of verisimilitude. Fred Smith is the new one where you actually have to audit real spreadsheets to find out how the evil corporation is cooking its books. I’m totally looking forward to the part where the game has you drink too much coffee and gives you a real stroke.

On the other hand, I’m also looking forward to Friar Flake and the Livonian Lepers

This would be the one time I would almost agree with Jon R

I’m sad to say I was kind of thinking the same thing.

edit: although you may have noted it didn’t keep my dumb ass from posting, JonR-like, in the thread anyway.

So here’s a funny thought for you.

Forum threads work a little like democracy. You can choose not to vote for them, by, wait for it…

…not posting in them! Eventually! The thread will drop if the majority choose not to post in it. It works rather like changing the subject when you don’t like the conversation. The forum starter gets the picture and moves to talking elsewhere in the forum. All is happy.

But by posting in the thread that you don’t like, you bump it up and then its called to more people’s attention at that time, people who might like to post in it or respond to you, in this way, you may keep the thread you hate around and have, in a sense, voted pro-thread.

But really, apologies all around, honestly I didn’t mean to gag every single forum member, cut off their fingers and prevent them having the other conversations in here, it just happened. shrugs How was I to know one light-hearted, non-threatening game of a thread would singlehandedly suck all the intelligence out of QT3? I had totally forgotten that once you have a silly thread that doesn’t revolve around discussing Ze Issues, you lose your right to wear the coveted Monocle of Three. Henceforth, I shall slap myself with a brick-laden white glove for the infraction.

Somehow, someway, I’m sure the Internet and QT3 will go on after this monstrous catastrophe.