Name me some modern day sex symbols

You’re gonna make Rimbo explode, Houngan.

Damn that girl is fine looking, though.

And let’s not forget Hermionie!

Whoah, little young. And BIG.

I do like eyebrows, though. Please, women, stop plucking.

Kathy’s got you covered! You should have seen her in the old days! Those things needed their own swimsuit. Woo!

Actually, when I was in high school, I really liked Jolie. Now, she’s a bit over fit compared to what liked about her then. When I was 10-13 ish, it was Madonna. I wonder why I’m not gay. Heh.

Today? I don’t know who would be a modern day sex symbol. For me personally? Umm… dunno, I think I’m going through some male biological clock syndrome because I find an awful lot of women attractive.

For society? I think any pop diva or boy bandish looking guys count as sex symbols.

She is fine, but is she sexy? You can’t judge “sexy” from a photograph in my book. You have to hear how she talks and see how she moves.

For example, if all you knew of Christina Hendricks you got from still photos, all you’d see would be a decent-looking redhead with great tits, unruly hair and kinda dumpy fashion sense.

But then she takes the scene where she’s gotta seduce Mal in his quarters and makes sure there isn’t a single soul watching it who doesn’t need a cold shower afterwards. (And then adding the scene with Inara afterwards is just completely unfair to any red-blooded male with a pulse.)

Sandra Bullock

Rhona Mitra

Salma Hayek

Wait, what. Hermionie? You may be thinking of Philosopher’s Stone, but that was five years ago.

This, fucking THIS. They’re fucking TACKY. I’m not saying I want every girl to look like Frida Kahlo; I’m saying Frida Kahlo had the right idea by leaving 'em as God gave 'em to her, embracing them, making them part of their image.

It’s like male pattern baldness; the baldness isn’t a bad thing until you end up trying to cover it with seventeen overgrown strands of hair in a comb-over. At that point, you just made yourself worse – much worse.

That’s right, Rimbo thinks that eyebrow-plucking is on the same order of sleazy tackiness as comb-overs. That thing I said about doing the best you can with what you got? Those are the opposite of that. QUIT IT.

Bullock? She definitely goes into the cute category for me. If we’re talking romantic comedy actresses, my biggest romcom crush was Meg Ryan*. Hayek has only gotten hotter as she has aged. She looked pretty great on 30 Rock.

*When I was very young. Over time, romcom crush status has rotated pretty regularly. Early Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore, etc.

Natalie Portman is one of the classiest looking women in Hollywood. That’s not quite the same as sexy, but close enough.

Huh? For your average guy, baldness is a bad thing. Comb overs are worse, but that doesn’t change that being bald is basically bad. People can overlook particular negative aspects of appearance (regular people generally have to), but it doesn’t change the overall effect.

Women can over pluck, but pleasantly shaping the eyebrows isn’t a bad thing and can be a definite improvement. Even worse than over plucked brows is drawn on eyebrows. Ugh.

Good points, these.

This. Thread over.

Salma Hayek

Oh GOD yes.

I’d say Angelina Jolie is the premiere modern day sex symbol though I guess her time is now over. Alba kinda tumbled off. Megan Fox is certainly the most popular sex symbol right now. Hendricks is my favorite though.

That’s because the “average” guy is also not a sex symbol, because the “average” guy doesn’t know what to do with it.


WRONG! Note the long hair in the back (giving the mullet effect), the thin strands of hair over the top, the general lack of facial hair maintenance and the sloppy dress, all of which combine to sell a single image: A guy who sits at his computer all day jerking off to pr0n.

Not average:

RIGHT! Note the uniform, the short-trimmed hair of what’s remaining, clean-shaven appearance. Having hair on top would actually detract from the overall look! With hair, he’s just some military jarhead; without it, he’s Mon Capitaine. Patrick has everyone hoping they’ll ask her (or him!) for some “Tea, Hot, Earl Grey” and ready to Engage!

Dude, that’s Dane Cook.

Ricki Lake and Marlee Matlin.

This is true on so many levels. :D Patrick Stewart is a silver fox of the highest order!

George Clooney is another guy who has just been getting sexier as he gets older. I watched “From Dusk Till Dawn” the other night, and I realized he looks better now than he did in that film.

(btw it’s “Tea, Earl Grey, Hot.” That might have just shown my Trek nerdette bias though!)

Mila Kunis is an odd one that doesn’t seem to have any of the typical uber-sexy qualities, but somehow pulls it off. I have no idea how McCulley Culkin landed her, he must be hung like a horse.