NAME THIS CAT (with oblig. pictures)

We have a new addition to the family, and we’re having a tough time figuring out a name for him. He’s had two names in as many days that we didn’t like and rejected. Help us, hive mind!

He’s hard to take a picture of because he’s so small and black, so it’s a little blurry.

For reference, here are our other two, Bean and Chili. No more names relating to food or legumes.

Chairman Meow!

or Nietzsche.

FOOLS! It’s obvious to the meanest layman that this cat is called Mephistopheles.

I like Corwin, but I like that for all black cats after a friend used the name for his and I dug it.


Why not name him for Cat Stevens and call him Yusuf?

Don’t ask why, but he looks like a Moe to me.

Barack because he’s your first black cat.

Also why does my spellchecker try to correct Barack?


Dr. No!




In this vein, Joey Buttafuoco!


nathaniel pawthorne

Ha! I vote for this.

^-- Was going to suggest “Smoke” myself, but this also works.

Maybe that’s the problem, bigfoot IS blurry!

(actual joke stolen from awesome - but dead - stand-up comedian)

edit: Also, +1 vote for bigfoot

Seven, or if you already know a cat named Seven use Soda.