NBA 2023-2024

Since the CBA is now official its time for a new NBA 2023-2024 thread.

Welcome to the Kyrie Jungle edition

I was gonna wait for the start of free agency, but this works! :)

Looks as if Jamal Murray knows something about Bruce Brown’s free agency situation…

Let the off the books walmart shares flow. Doesnt have quite the same ring as let the spice flow to be fair.

CBA claims another victim

ESPN laying off a ton of high profile on-air talent today. Most notably, Jeff Van Gundy.

Jalen Rose, Max Kellerman & Suzy Kolber among many others.

Looks like the Bucks are running it back next year signing both Lopez and Middleton.

Not a lot of cap space to fill out the rest of the roster, but that is what is gonna happen.

Will be interesting to see if only changing coach Bud results in another ring.

It would help if Middleton and Giannis can be healthy and not miss games in the playoffs…

Bad Discourse, parse this link! The joke is ruined!

Oh shit, Bronny James had a heart attack on the practice court at USC.

I just saw the news. That’s absolutely wild. Hope the kid is alright longterm.

I don’t know what it means longterm for Bronny, but reports are now that he is in stable condition and no longer in the ICU. Which is great news.

Glad he’s okay and out of the ICU. I hope this doesn’t have implications on his future but time will tell.

In the meantime, I’m in the office today and I swear to god if I hear one more “Fauci has a lot to answer for” kind of comment I’m going to lose my goddamned mind.

Studies have shown basketball players tend to have increased incidences of heart issues. A decade-long study of NCAA athletes found that sudden cardiac death was much more common for men’s basketball players (1 in 8,978) than other sports (1 in 23,689 for men’s soccer, 1 in 35,951 for football). “The risk among male Division 1 basketball players has been estimated at more than 10 times that in the overall athlete population (1 in 5,200 vs. 1 in 53,703 athletes per year), which is consistent with prior findings in collegiate and high-school athletes,” another paper said.

I’d love to know how much of that is selection bias. For instance, are very tall people just more likely to have these sort so issues? It would be cool to see the rate for similar athletes, like volleyball players.

It would be really cool if there was like a table in the article that had that.

Hey, not everyone has the time to do a dive into a paper or two linked in a post so pulling that table out was helpful! The sarcasm maybe a little less so. :)

Seriously though, thanks for posting the table directly. Fascinating stuff.

If you’re up late/early (or live near East Asia) and want to watch some basketball, the FIBA World Cup has started. I caught the last half of the Philippines and Dominican Republic and had an okay time. Though looking at the time I’m posting this I doubt I’ll be catching any games live tomorrow morning. For us Yanks, most of the games are on ESPN+ with a few exclusively on ESPN/ESPN2.

The stakes here—in addition to it being nominally the world championship of men’s basketball—is that it serves as a qualifier for the Olympics. The top-placed teams from Asia, Africa, and Oceania get in as do the top two teams from Europe and the Americas. So, the placement rounds potentially matter. Otherwise, the teams must win one of four ‘last chance’ qualification tournaments to get in (or be the host).

USA plays New Zealand tomorrow. It probably won’t be very competitive, but with Canada (who blew the doors off France) and Dominican Republic winning there is some slight pressure on the US here. Likewise, New Zealand need to keep pace with third-ranked Australia to get an automatic spot in the Olympics. Steven Adams is still nursing his injury and will not be playing for NZL, but his Grizzlies teammate JJJ has been showing out for the USA in the warmups.