NCAA Football - Thanksgiving Weekend Edition!

Whelp, LSU finally goes down. Guess they ran through their enormous reserves of luck too quickly to make it through the whole season. USC seems to have found themselves and are in position to take the Rose Bowl after pounding on ASU. Oregon loses Brady Leaf in the first quarter to another ankle injury and gets shut out for the first time in like 20 years as they go back and forth between 4th and 5th string RS Freshman quarterbacks and direct snaps to the third string tailback. Painful game to watch. Does not look good for the Civil War. Oregon State is on their 2nd QB, and their starting TB looks to be out, but they still have a great defense and experienced receivers. West Virginia makes a statement against UConn. I think they can smell the NC. We’ll see who comes out of the Mizzou, Kansas game alive.


“Whelp”, I’ve only heard people from PA say this…Are you from there?


I still can’t believe Mizzou-Kansas are playing in a game like this. And if Mizzou wins, they’d better vault over West Virginia, who shouldn’t have vaulted over Mizzou in the first place.

No, lived in Oregon all my life. But I don’t think I ever say “whelp” aloud. Just one of those colloquial things that has worked its way into my informal writing.

Even as a WVU alumni, I agree. Luckily, the result will probably be the same: WVU #2 and Mizzou #1, assuming that both teams win out against Pitt and Oklahoma respectively.

Tonight, Nick Saban follows up Hiroshima with Nagasaki… :)

I’m still laughing about the play with the dog!

I spent 7 years in Columbia (which is an awesome place, btw), and saw Mizzou win 20 games, total.

My freshman year, “Woody’s Wagon” went 1-10. 2-9 the next season felt like a playoff team. I saw two 3-7-1 t4eams, a 3-8 team, another 2-9 squad, and–in what felt like a championship year–a 4-7 squad. I saw “Fifth Down” in person. I saw the Missouri Tigers lose in about every way possible.

11-1 and #1 in the AP? Are you kidding? My cup runneth over!!! I’m drunker than shit, but…

…a Bully for Old Mizzou RAH RAH RAH!!!


Well Nebraska is officially shopping for a new head coach. I sort of liked Callahan actually, I think he’d have been a great offensive coordinator, but you can’t deliver losing seasons at Nebraska 50% of the time and keep a head coaching job.

BTW, the Chickenhawks pussed out and didn’t wear their red socks today (wore 'em last year and got beat 42-17).

Didn’t help.

I don’t care if Mizzou wins again this year. We beat Kansas.

Yeah, that’s one heck of a rivalry, eh?

The Mizzou-Kansas game reminded me of the A&M-Texas game yesterday: An older and bigger team physically dominating another in nearly every phase of the game, domination that’s not entirely reflected in the score.

That safety at the end was brutal.

That was hilarious.

6 straight baby!!! Woohoo!!

If Chase Daniel snipes Tebow’s Heisman I’m going to cry.

Yep, Tebow is like some crazy Bionic freak. If he had won a couple more games, there would not even be a debate at this point.

Wow, Tebow broke his hand on a TD run in the 3rd quarter yesterday and then kept playing!

My Heisman vote would go to McFadden. However, I don’t have a vote so…

And Missouri is Number the AP poll. WV in the USA Today/Coaches poll. A big thanks to Missouri for putting an end to the aberration that was Kansas. The BCS standings should be out soon and I am sure it will be close. So an Oklahoma win might put the Buckeyes back in the title game. This has been one crazy year, which equates to great fun in my book, but chalkboard-scratching annoyance for Stroker, it would seem.

EDIT: BCS Rankings

  1. Missouri
  2. West Virginia
  3. Ohio State
  4. Georgia
  5. Kansas

The crazy thing is that the Big 12 could easily not have a team in the championship game. Mizzou has to beat Oklahoma, and that isn’t easy.

It’s still hard for me to believe that Mizzou is number 1 in the country.

I remember Woody’s Wagon too, Triggercut, as much as I don’t want to. :)

I think this week’s poll illustrates perfectly what is wrong with the BCS: first, the Big 12 has 3 top 10 teams (just one week before the end of polling) and yet could end up with zero teams in the championship? And Ohio State, playing in what I still maintain is the worst major conference on the planet, and playing badly through most of it, could back into the finals just because everyone else is playing tougher schedules?

Right, and the SEC is still atop the Sagarin ratings yet everyone’s on about how overrated we were again after a few top-rated SEC teams lost conference games to other top-rated SEC teams. I’ll admit that we have some weaker schools but the top of the SEC is brutal this year.

Playoffs please!

The problem with playoffs is that these college teams are already playing a lot of games. Missouri will have played 13 games after the game with Oklahoma this weekend. The NCAA would need to adjust the scheduling and remove a couple of games from the schedule to implement a playoff system.

Just a 16 team playoff would result in four games for two teams. You also need to give teams a week off, so that’s a month of playoffs.

I think it’s a lot to expect college kids who aren’t getting paid and who do have to worry about classes to some extent to play as many as 16 games.