Need a new monitor!

Ditching my ancient 19" Trinitron CRT for something more modern. I’m thinking a Widescreen LCD, but I’m not looking to go crazy and get one of those $$$$ Dell beauties.

I just want something lightweight, around 19" and reliable. Price ceiling is around $500, maybe 6. Any recommendations?

Wait for a coupon, and you can probably get one of those $$$$ Dell beauties for less than $500.

No shit? Tell me more.

Doesn’t look like there are any deals running right now, but keep an eye on places like and Dell usually has most of their big deals at the end of a quarter.

I’ve seen the 2007FPW as low as $359, though $450ish is more typical.

I’d monitor - they seem to be plugged into the Dell deals. Every so often (and frequently coinciding with a end of Dell’s financial quarters) there’ll be lots of sales with coupons and associated discounts. The monitors show up there on a regular basis.

Yea, that monitor is going for just over $450 on Dell’s site right now. I might take the plunge since I would need something by early July.

What am I missing out on by not going with the $1300+ versions also listed on the site?

All of these are 20" widescreen. Word of warning though; 20" widescreens are less tall then 19" 4:3 ratio moniters. You get more viewing area overall, the scale of everything is smaller. Just smaller over a wider area :). Text, ect, on the web is smaller at the same resolutions.

I have the Viewsonic 2025wm and it’s nice. Runs 350-ish right now shipped. Has some DVI issues sometimes - i had to ship mine back and get another.

The Dell 2007WFP has component out, and is Vista ready. Some say it had banding but that’s been corrected; other forum tards say they change the panel out without changing the name of the moniter. Whatever.

The NEC 20WMGX2 is supposedly the best moniter out there right now; but it runs 650$US+, at which point you could get a larger Dell moniter. Has some kind of glossy coating that some hate and some love. Supposedly the best for gaming right now.

I got a Dell 2005FP for under 400 bucks shipped. It is wonderful.

Just be aware that you need a pretty burly video card to drive these guys at their native resolution of 1680x1050. I’ve got a 7800GS and it’s smooth like buttah!

Lurk Slickdeals for a week if you want to buy a Dell monitor.

I really love the LG LCDs. They’re clear, bright and colorful. I highly recommend going to a store and doing some side by sides before you decide.

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Does that mean I could play a 360 on it? Is there delay? There is a slight delay with the 2005’s S-Video for my PS2 and GC games, so I’m wary.

Hahaha. I was going to say, now we know who Theo’s alternate nick is!

DELL 2407 is working out ok…

Spotted at Hot Deals: Samsung 930B for $219 with free shipping, plus $30 rebate. Looks like a pretty mediocre monitor, but its price just dropped $100, so it may make a decent bargain. Also, a Viewsonic VX922 for $300 plus shipping, with a $100 rebate. The VX922 looks like a good budget choice for gaming, thanks to its low response time. These are both 19" 1280x1024 monitors: if you want bigger, widescreen, and/or higher res, you’ll have to look elsewhere.

I just bought a Benq FP202W and it’s pretty sweet. Then I was happy to see it got a CG Editor’s Choice award in this months CGM.

Just got this e-mail from Dell: 1907FP for $247; 2007WFP for $367.


Thanks everybody, I spent lots of time reading reviews and stats for each of the links provided, ultimately though I’m getting the Dell…dudes.

I thought we’d established that everybody is Brian Koontz.