Need alternative to google news

Count me in the group that can’t get their hands around this updated news aggregator. I can’t stand it. Any company that wants to tell me what I should be interested in can go fuck themselves. 75% of my custom news searches disappeared and are no longer available.

I checked out Flipboard, but not that impressed.

I use and love Feedly.

Yeah, just use an RSS reader for the news sources you want.

Sadly, they only allow 3 feeds on free version. No way for me to try this out effectively.

Holy crap, only three feeds? Ugh, I’m sorry man I dunno then. I have hundreds of feeds. I live by the thing.

Eh? I’ve got dozens of feeds and I’m not paying a thing.

You were probably grandfathered in. If you try creating a new account, you’ll see they now have a hard limit and attempts at adding any more prompt you to upgrade to pro - at an annual rate! I can’t even try it for a month.

Not sure I understand why they’d grandfather in free users. It’s one thing to move someone from a lower fee to a higher one, or a one-off payment to a subscription, but what have they got to lose by cutting off the freeloaders?

Is this the source of your confusion - sources vs feeds?

Still, Feedly has plenty to offer casual users. It has a clean user interface, and the free version of its service lets you follow 100 sources, categorized into up to three feeds—think News, Sports, Humor, or wherever your interests lie.

That seems more likely. It does seem like I’m now capped at the current number of feeds, ie folders, I have. You may have luck organising your feeds in another reader and then importing into Feedly. Worth trying, anyway. Worst that can happen is that it ignores your folders.

Edit: Actually, no, I can still add a “feed” (folder) when I add a new RSS feed.

Doubtful as I had added 5 gaming sites and then tried to add a search - “Intel” and it only gave me one option - Google. Clicking on that took me to the pro page.

Well, sounds like you can definitely add more than three feeds then. The search thing may be pro functionality these days, but you could just do that in a client app.