Need DennyA's digits!

He PM’ed me about something and I want to tell him YES, YES, YES. Time-sensitive issue, I didn’t see his PM for two days and now he’s not in the office today (tried him via work email too). Anyone have his home phone number (or cell, or something)? I promise not to spam him :-)

If I had to guess, he’s watching Wolverine and you couldn’t find him at the office because of the move today. I do not have his number though, sorry.

I can send him a note in his Facebook page if that helps?

I can get you a toe by 3 o’clock this afternoon… with nail polish. These fucking amateurs…

Marriage Proposal?

This is an experiment to show how easy it is to gain personal information about someone on the internet through social engineering.

Geeze, Repo. That was one night, I was drunk, and I told you that while you’re a great guy and everything, it’s just not my scene, and I’d like to just stick to being message board acquaintances and and pretend it never happened, K?

Oh, you’re so cute when you pout. Check your PMs.

Just do what I do, call Soulja Boy and ask him. Everyone knows his digits, and he knows everyone elses by proxy. Better than

Heh. And yet I usually avoid annoying personal info tweets. :)

Oh, was that on twitter? What in the world am I paying that P.I. for then?

Whole lot of stalkering going on in this thread.

Denny’s stalkers tend to be much more discreet.

Besides, who needs his phone number when you’re already going through his garbage looking for trinkets?