Need help naming movie! 90s/00s sci-fi horror

Hey there.

I saw this movie as a kid but need help naming it as I’ve been wanting to rewatch it (it scared the crap out of me and begun my love for horror).

I don’t remember much as I only saw it once as a kid, so it might have come out mid to late 90s/early 00s. But what I do remember is that some infection (viral but I believe maybe parasitic) caused the infected to lose their hair completely and their eyes would turn gray/icy blue. They would throw up these slug-like things and obviously chase after you and attempt to kill. A key scene I remember is that the main characters are in some cave toward the end and they flew away in a helicopter near this cave.

That’s all I got. Any help would be great!

Do you remember what was particularly sci-fi about it? Can you recall if this was a real low budget shot on video or was it al least shot on film?

Was it Slither?

Slugs could also be Night of the Creeps, ends with a basement not a cave though. The bald/blue eyes thing doesn’t really match though.

I was thinking Slither myself, but I don’t remember any helicopters in it.

Possibly Dreamcatcher, also maybe Phantoms.

There’s stuff like Puppet Masters or The Faculty but those I think less likely.

Wrong end!

It’s definitely not Phantoms, at least not if the particulars in the description are at all accurate.

The mini-series based on Stephen King’s The Tommyknockers had people lose their hair and they got gray (and sometimes glowing green) eyes.