Need online fax service

While downloading all my stuff to my new PC, I realized I needed to get a client for my existing j2 online fax service for which I pay $15 a month. The client for the PC does not run under XP, Vista or Win 7. I want a service where I can send and receive faxes without having to have a fax machine. I don’t mind paying $15 a month or so for this. Any suggestions?

eFax has worked well for me in the past.

Yup that’s what I use and all of their clients work great.

Any suggestions for a pay as you use service? We are talking around 10 faxes a year so paying a monthly plan doesn’t make much sense.

Well efax is 100% free to get faxes but to send charges you. Fax charges you 1.99 or something to send a fax.

Well at least for today, Efax is not working. It gets stuck trying to find a phone number for me. So maybe I’ll try fax zero. It’s cheaper anyway.

I used faxzero and it’s fine for the adhoc fax. It will fax free up to a certain limit, though $1.99 for a fax doesn’t sound ornery when I only do it a few times a year.

Yes that’s all I need. Occasionally my financial planner/tax guy wants to fax me stuff, so I need a number for him to fax stuff to.

What on earth does it run under, then? I assume it’s not a Mac application?

punt If you’re in the Netherlands - end punt

Free receiving of faxes but you need to pay to send €0.15 per page. Payments can be made via Paypal or iDeal.

That’s what was so ridiculous. They have a separate Mac application.

Very happy with the faxzero service so far. They fax the document in PDF so there’s no need for a separate client. Thanks for the recommendation.

If faxzero doesn’t work out for you, try maxemail. It’s from the guys who started efax, and is (IIRC) significantly less expensive. I’m grandfathered on their service, so I’m paying about half the current rate, but even at $2/mo. it’s a pretty sweet deal.

I use fax email service, it’s not expensive and works fine. They have different options, from free to big packages for all needs.