Need to vent about Microsoft support

Bought an Elite Series 2 gamepad last june along with a 3 year extended warranty (complete or whatever they call it) Bit later the left bumper starts double clicking. It’s basically registering a press on both press and release and becomes unusable in many games. I start the procedure for an exchange and everything seems smooth. Get a replacement and notice the warranty on my account has been changed from the 3 year extended to the standard 90 day despite everything I can find saying the 3 year should continue with time remaining and the expiration should remain 7/23 and not the 7/21 it now says. Great. Spent many hours on the phone getting bounced around to no avail and eventually gave up after about a week and a half.

2 weeks after getting the pad, it develops the same problem… left bumper double clicking. As an aside I find it amusing this is the problem because the MS trackball I used in the 90’s always eventually registered double and triple clicking of the left mouse button, Had half a dozen with the problem. Anyway I start the procedure again and get another replacement. Warranty still 7/21 and they keep ignoring my request to change it back. The second replacement/third gamepad developed the same problem but with the right bumper instead of left just days after getting it. At this point I’m at wit’s end.

During almost every phone call I’m told I’ll get a followup in my email and they verify my email, I never received anything. It is a hotmail account as well.

I write a bit of an angry tweet and get a response and another exchange is started this time with a ‘human’ running it. They also ask me for the order number that has my Complete Coverage warranty since they say they can’t find any record of me buying it. I go to and my email and find the order in their own system. frustrating. They ask me a week later for the same info again for some reason. All throughout the twiiter account just keeps sending me a message every couple days asking if I got help or still need it and every time I tell them the status. Feels automated.

So cut to today, I got the third replacement/fourth gamepad. The website still says warranty expires 7/21. The serial number of the gamepad on the website does not match the gamepad I am holding in my hand, so they sent me the wrong one. I plug it in and start a game and immediately my character starts running. Full range stick drift on the left stick. Almost certainly got someone else’s broken gamepad that was supposed to get refurbed before getting sent back out.

At this point I am more than a little furious and frustrated. Also at this rate they will likely say my warranty has expired or the serial number has to match before I get a working gamepad. For decades I had amazing service from them and have spent a stupidly high amount on them.

Anyway, sorry for the rant but I really had nobody else to really vent to other than some poor customer service rep and I don’t really want to do that. Just wish they would give me a working controller and stop designing stuff that breaks so fast.