Neo Nazis and the Alt Right

I assume he means not literally quotes.

He’s just riffing on the NYT Pitchbot’s routine. It’s parody.

Thanks. I assumed as much but you can never be sure, especially with a contextless Twitter dump where one of them was actually legitimate.

Alex Jones gets another half billion in punitive damages.

Also had all his accounts locked by the judge too.

So the head of the Libertarian Party thinks FTX was a scheme by Joe Biden to launder campaign contributions through a Nazi regime with the help of a Jew?

How else did Republicans lose all those races last week that they should have won? It clearly wasn’t because they had terrible candidates who voters rejected. Obviously it was only due to this massive conspiracy and rigged voting.

Looks like Jones’ attempt to get the $49 million award in Texas reduced to $750k due to punitive damage caps has so far failed. Of course he’ll appeal, and anyway it is kind of a drop in the bucket next to the $1.4 billion awarded in the Connecticut case, but still, good. I don’t have a NY Times account, so I don’t know the details.

Don’t forget that Texas Governor Abbott received a multi-million dollar settlement, then worked hard to make sure nobody else would get one!

Texas judge saying fuck the law I’ll do this instead is the most Texas thing ever!

In this case, I believe the issue is that the law capping punitive damages may itself not be legal.

Could be, but it seems unusual for the trial judge in the original damages case to unilaterally decide that. As opposed to a specific challenge to the law being litigated in a separate action. But maybe not, IANAL.

IANAL, either, and don’t have a clear concept of how trial law even works. To my limited knowledge, this sets up an appeal process of the damages, which will obviously be picked up by the next layer of court and decided in Jones’ favor because of the law limiting the award on the books. That decision then can be appealed by the plaintiffs on the grounds of it being unconstitutional and then—I think—it would go to the state supreme court to weigh in on that question. Is that right, anyone with more knowledge of the law than what Night Court and an ex in law school taught me back in the 90s?

I know a couple of Texas lawyers, but they haven’t said much on it, so either they haven’t heard or they consider it so baseless/unlikely to succeed as to not be worth commenting on.

Kanye ❄️ out

I had to read that three times to be sure he was really saying ‘conformed’ and not ‘confirmed’.

You see in the party of personal responsibility, there is never personal responsibility for the members.

Weep for these honorable soldiers who had to become Nazis because someone called them Nazis.

Because of course Trump’s Ambassador to Germany would say this