Netflix: American Vandal - Best Mockumentary ever?


Oh my god, I love this show. I started watching tonight, and the next thing I knew, I had already watched four episodes.

It’s such a deep dive into these kids’ lives over some dicks. This is one of the best shows I’ve ever seen.

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It’s excellent and way better than one might expect from the premise. Part Freaks and Geeks part mockumentary of Serial, Making a Murderer, The Jinx etc. Sort of switches gears at a couple of points, and becomes a little serious at the end.


I’m two episodes in. The production is excellent and they’re nailing the whole true crime thing. I can’t decide if I need to see the whole season though. Is there enough material to keep the satire fresh? I get the joke, it’s well executed, but someone make a case for needing to watch all of it.


Yes there’s enough to justify the season. Show takes some twists also kind of poignant at the end .


Hah, sorry, I realize you basically said that in your above post, I just jumped in and wrote what I was thinking about last night before reading. Thanks, I’ll stick with it.


Yeah, I found the whole thing excellent, beginning to end. I got up early this morning and finished the season. It’s the first time I’ve felt the need to keep watching like this since Veronica Mars’ first season. I just got completely hooked on these characters.


Now I feel like I have a huge American Vandal sized hole in my life. I want to see more teenage dramas. Freeks & Geeks you say? I watched 4 episodes of that back in the Netflix disc days when you could rent four episodes at a time on disc. It seemed like a good show. I think I’ll try to track that down next.

I’ve already heard Serial and seen the first four episodes of Making a Murderer. The later just made me too sad and mad to continue.

I’ll have to look into what “The Jinx” is.


The Jinx is HBO’s true crime about Robert Durst. It’s great, and a pretty damning indictment of how the rich can evade justice in America.

Freaks and Geeks went up on UK Netflix recently, it might be available elsewhere too.


Holy crap. This is excellent.

I really thought it would be one long, drawn-out joke, but it’s actually quite a bit more.

So good!


Undeclared is good too, college freshman though, a bunch of the same creative team and actors as F&G. More of a comedy.

Also, older from around the same time My So Called Life was very good.

For more modern teen centered shows I have no idea.


Just finished the last episode. It’s so good on multiple levels: as a send up of the genre, as a pitch perfect examination of high school society, as a really long dick joke. I appreciated the real poigiancy of the last fifth or so too. The acting is amazing; people really inhabit their roles in all their complexity.

Great stuff.


This was charming and funny, but Freaks & Geeks is almost a masterpiece. So great and the origin of the Judd Apatow-verse.


Oh my God.

I only just realized that the episode names are dick puns.


Looks like Season Two might have to dive into animation territory! ;-)


Looks like the tip matches, but still no ball hairs. Free Dylan!


Finished this up this morning before work. Really enjoyed it and thought the acting was pretty great across the board. As others have said, it was surprisingly deep and heart-felt. You really cared for pretty much all of the kids on the show to some degree or another.

The only real nitpick I had was the amount of underage drinking that was supposedly filmed and posted without any sort of repercussion or really even mentioning it. Now, I’m about 30 years out from high-school and wasn’t a drinker then anyway. Still it seemed a bit over the top.

Regarding the final ep…

I really thought the dude that was seen in the parking lot was going to turn out to be Dylan’s brother. He was only casually mentioned in the show until the last ep where he was brought up multiple times as having similar problems at school as Dylan did. So when the Krista pops off about not knowing CPR despite that being her alibi it kinda was awesome that the fake was a double reverse fake!

Oh, and who knew all those kids that went thru the Disney Tween-com grinder were actually pretty damned good actors?


Well, look what got renewed for a second season.

Intrigued to see where they’ll be taking this. The first season was one of these little surprises that I didn’t really have on my radar until people started recommending it. After the first two episodes I wasn’t sure if the ‘joke’ could actually be stretched across a full season, but they made it work. I also liked the change of dynamics when the show also became about the fictional show and thus went meta. And they really did a great job at aping the true crime show style. Bits like the 3D animation that contained the the girl jacking off the guy while trying to maintain the ‘serious’ true crime show tone … wonderful. Enjoyed all the performances, in particular the splendid sleaziness that is Alex.




Wow, that looks great.

I’ll have to come back to Netflix for that one.


One day left.