Netflix and Rob Liefeld working together

And Akiva Goldsman! It’s the nightmare scenario!

Just get Michael Bay in there and you have the coveted Trifecta of Shit.

The guy that just steered Inhumans and Iron Fist into the ground - Scott Buck.

I think ‘disruptive’ is the next buzzword that needs to die.

Also never forget,


I wonder if those are real?

Google “Liefeld pockets”.

My father was an artist. Anatomy was the first thing that you learned. While I understand that superheroes are bigger than life, Liefeld obviously failed his anatomy courses. Tiny feet, huge chests, lots of pockets and too many weapons. Also women bending in ways that are just not possible. There are limits to what a comic will allow.

Fuck no.

How can you tell, since he never draws them?

His artwork just has a lot of pizzazz!