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Saw "Get the Gringo" last night. Not an actual sequel to Payback, but Gibson clearly channeling the Porter character from that film. I liked it a lot. The character was savvy and ruthless, but not actually heartless. It had good dark humor and just enough nasty violence to keep it moving.


I've been bored before bed lately and looking around for streaming. Or sometimes it's just "steaming," I suppose.

Last night I saw a horror film, Scared or Die. I was all set for killer clowns, but was pleasantly surprised. The movie is a series of short horror stories, all tied loosely together, even though none of them are related. You'll understand if you watch it. The characters tend to bleed over a bit between segments, though the stories are all different. I didn't care for the first segment, but thought the others were all okay.

I'm not going to put this one up for awards or anything, but it wasn't a bad watch for late at night before bed.


Started Human Centipede 2 last night. Made it about 5 minutes. No grab at all.


You must have been on the wrong end of it.


So House of Cards starts today, and I'm pretty interested in it. Anyone seen it yet?


I watched the first episode. I like quite a bit. The two main characters are definitely not likeable, and yet, because it's Kevin Spacey, and he has that certain Kevin Spacey charm, I can't help but root for him a little bit. His wife is stone cold and I really can never see myself rooting for her in any of her endeavors.

The pacing, the way the camera and scene's pacing plays out, the way the lighting gives the series a certain mood, it's all very David Fincher, who I'm a big fan of. (He directed House of Cards, at least the first episode, but possible all of it, I don't know).

So yeah, I'm really looking forward to seeing how the series unfolds. It's great to see Fincher's work again. It's been too long since Social Network.

House of Cards (US version)

So this guy

did nothing for you?


On a different note. Am I the only one who will watch the end of The Devil's Advocate any time that it's on solely for the last scene where Al Pacino just tears it up? For me that is just such a guilty pleasure. And Keanu Reeves actually emotes when confronted with Pacino's scenery chewing. As far as I'm concerned Pacino got the best performance ever from Mr. Whoah in that movie.


I'd call it signs of life, it has some ways to go before it can be considered a performance.


Fincher did the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo after the Social Network.


Oh yeah! Brain fart. It was a great movie too. I saw it in the theater, no less.


I just watched the first ep of Wallander with Kenneth Branagh, and damn was that awesome.


Yeah I really liked that show. The opening song and the many shots of stark countryside gave it a very different atmosphere.


If you like the Evil Dead series and metal, I recommend the cheese-horror series Todd and the Book of Pure Evil.


Yeah, I REALLY love the atmosphere of it. Makes me wanna travel to Sweden.


I was searching for something I could watch with my 2 yr. old daughter, when she was sick, and came across Shaun the Sheep, by Nick Park. If you're into Wallace & Gromit (or claymation) and haven't seen it, definitely have a look. It's pretty hilarious.


Beneath Hill 60, ww1 was total war. If you like history. Watch this.


Netflix emailed me yesterday to tell me they have Season 18 of Top Gear now. So excited! It's going to make for an agonizing week though: BioShock Infinite or Top Gear? I'll be debating that everyday after Tuesday for the week.


Now on streaming:

Season 1 of Samurai Jack
Season 1 Venture Bros
All of a Batman Beyond
All of Justice League + All of JLU

It's a bonanza!


Wow, nice.