Netflix watch instantly on 360 recommendations

Since this is suddenly a topic of great interest to me, let’s hear it. Other than the movies I already have on my queue that were also watch instantly, I’m having a difficult time expanding the list. I guess I could sort through all of the “That’s So Ravens!” and other crap the section churns up on Netflix, then sort out which ones are xbox watchable afterwards, but that does not seem to be working out too well. Also, I can’t find specific search criteria that reduce it so you’re still looking for a certain actor or director but only on watch instantly.

So tips in that direction would be appreciated. In lieu of it existing, here are the most exciting things (for me) that I found available on my xbox. Thanks Sony for depriving me of Stand By Me movie time today!

Like TNT without the ads/censorship!
Dirty Harry

Cool Hand Luke

foreign films

Joint Security Area

Those are the two main categories I’ve got so far to get it started.

Obviously, if it’s not watchable on xbox or a Sony pic, please don’t bother. I’d love TV recommendations, but all that showed up on mine was Weeds which so far seems to be very far outside of what I am interested in.

That’s So Raven is available? Which seasons?! What about Zach & Cody, Hannah Montana or Life With Jakes?

This is important!

Looks like season 1-4. No word on whether they are xbox viewable since I am not adding them to my queue to find out. Looks like Hannah 1-2 as well, all in the first ten browsable options under tv in instant watch.

I hope whatever you’re doing with this information is worth it.

Here are some that are on my Watch Instantly queue:

Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead
The Office (British)
The Piano
BBC/Ken Burns Documentaries (Thomas Jefferson, Frank Lloyd Wright, Mark Twain)
A Fish Called Wanda
To Kill a Mockingbird
Westworld/Andromeda Strain/Mega Man
King of Kong
Masters of Horror series (Argento/Miike/Lucky McKee)
Almost Heroes (Christopher Guest movie starring Chris Farley and Matthew Perry about Lewis & Clark-like pioneers)
Ordinary People

There’s a ton of stuff, really – I have well over 100 movies in mine. I also didn’t add anything I own the DVDs for. I’m pretty sure the Alien movies are on there, for example.

Ok, I added them, and it appears that and a ton of other Disney content is instantly watchable on xbox.

I was hoping for a Netflix account for my birthday in February, but this news has made me sign up for one right now. My girlfriend insists on babysitting for her cousin’s kids despite the fact that we have a condo in the city with no easy way to entertain kids this young. Disney channel drek on demand? Hell yes.

There is a good selection of TV shows. Also, check under the Stars section some decent stuff in there. Some stuff of note is that they have The Thing and The Host both available in HD.

Most of Showtime’s Masters of Horror stuff is available, which is nice as they’re too short to waste a Netflix disc pick on.

Speaking of Showtime, I believe Dexter is available on Watch it Now.

Yeah both Dexter and Weeds are up on it.

Yes Minister and Yes Prime Minister are available, and are utterly delightful.

30 Rock, the American Office, and Friday Night Lights are three other series I noticed are available in HD. I hope they continue to add HD options for a lot more stuff because this works pretty slick.

Speaking of things horror, they have “Behind the Mask: the Rise of Leslie Vernon” which was one of my favorite pleasant discoveries last year. Mockumentary on a friendly fellow who just happens to be in training for his debut as the next big name in supernatural unkillable slashers of hapless coeds, aiming to join the hall of famers like your Voorheeses and Kruegers and Myerses. Sort of Scream-like, but not as mugging-at-the-camera smugly self-satisfied–it generally plays itself much more straight-faced.

Great, that’s what I’m talking about.

Yes, Prime Minister

Yes Minister

which reminds me I added Red Dwarf since I’ve never seen it.

Behind the Mask sounds less like Scream and more like Man Bites Dog (unfortunately, not Instant). But that may be wishful thinking. Thanks for the rec.

Oh, yeah–Man Bites Dog is a good comparison. More light-hearted and funnier, but still.

Seconded. This movie is awesome.

Well, that movie could have used more levity, so I’ll take it as a plus.

Behind the Mask is really good but the first half is much better than the second half where it almost becomes somewhat traditional.

There are limits on what can be played through the 360 (other than Sony’s hissy fit?). Lame.

Even lamer with the unnecessary Gold membership requirement.

I don’t think so. It’s just that Sony-owned studios make a lot of movies.

The Wind that Shakes the Barley was supposed to be good - I had meant to see it in theaters and missed it.

The Inspector Lynley Mysteries are available. It’s not my all time favorite British mystery show but it’s not bad as a diversion. Inspector Alleyn is good, too.

Looks like a lot of classic movies I haven’t seen or haven’t heard of. Oh, but they have Brief Encounter! It’s one of my favorite movies and you’d never guess it’s by David Lean, but it’s a very intimate adaptation of a Noel Coward play. Lovely. Highly recommend it for a rainy, lonely day.

Alfred Hitchcock Presents! That’s fun. I have some friends who swear by Little Britain but I haven’t given it a chance yet. Coupling is fun, too - I haven’t watched it all the way through.