Network Bridge?

So I have a TV in another room I want to connect to my network but it doesn’t have Wifi so I’d need to run a cable.

Or can’t I just get a Network bridge and wire the TV to it and then have it interface with my router wirelessly? I’ve never had to do this before so I need to know if this is a good idea/will work.

If so any recommendations?

I would suggest the power line network adapters.

See here,

I used a bridge for several years and it worked fine. If I remember correctly it cost around $150 5 years ago and I don’t know what good ones cost now. There is another solution, you could buy a pair of powerline ethernet adapters and connect to your router that way. Here’s a link to a discussion on the subject a few posts down from this one.

The advantages of a bridge is that it will work like a switch (if you by a good one that is) that connects to your router wirelessly. With the powerline adapter you will need a hub if you want more than one device hooked up and all your devices connected to it will share the rated speed of the adapter and not equally either.

The main disadvantage of the bridge is that it is wireless and all that comes with it, interference, signal strength and other things. The powerline adapter doesn’t care about those things.

It’s up to you to decide what you want, bridge or powerline adapter. Both will work just fine.

Bridge - cable from tv to bridge and bridge setup, then done
Powerline adapter - cable from tv to adapter then cable from adapter to router then done, no setup required.

Thanks guys, that sounds like a much better solution.

Yeah I used to have two linksys routers running DDWRT bridged, from the office to the living room… Works great, but I got 3 netgear powerline units and it is much faster and leaves the airwaves free for the three laptops in the household. Couldn’t be happier with the powerline setup.