Network Connectivity Issue

About 1-3 times a day, I lose network connectivity for less than five minutes at a time. The ISP’s (Charter)modem shows that the modem is still receiving data but all of my browsers will stop working. I am using an Air Buffalo router that is a little more than a year old. I am hesitant to take down my router and just plug the modem into the computer directly because I can’t predict the down times. Is there some kind of command line that I could issue that would show me where the problem is? If it’s the Charter modem I’m going to need all the evidence possible and then some to convince them that there is a problem if the modem is showing an active connection.

I just went through a couple of months in which our internet service (RoadRunner Cable) was getting slow, and then it seemed at least once a day we’d get the same issue to which you are referring. I thought it was my router, replaced it, same problems.

Finally after about two months of poor performance, on and off, I called their tech service, got the whole “unplug it, plug it in again, reboot the computer, etc” instructions. I had to be plugged directly in for that, otherwise they blame the router. Since I had service and the cable light was on and solid, they refused to do anything.

So - I called back a few days later, told them the light was off, made sure the cable was unplugged from the back of the modem, the guy says, oh, you’re not getting connectivity, I can see from here. He said no outages, I asked him if I could simply take the cable modem to the local Time Warner service center and trade it out and see if that worked, he said sure. So I took it in, told them it wasn’t working, they smiled and exchanged it, new one works great, no problems. (Oh - turns out that I didn’t have to call in - if I had simply walked in the service center and told them the modem wasn’t working they would have just swapped it out, so if you have a local service center you might just try that.)

If you do trade it out, and you still have the random outages, you may have something wrong in the service coming in. In a previous city, that happened, they came out and measured the service strength, it was low, and they found a problem at the pole and fixed it.