Never too early: 2018 Midterms


I appreciate Schilling’s willingness to participate in a natural experiment to discover if 27% is in fact the lower bound of the crazification factor.

Should be a light in the darkness of what looks right now to be a clawing back of the 2012 (Senate) and 2016 (House) Democratic waves, unless the GOP blows itself up more effectively than I could reasonably hope for.

Oh god, I’m not ready. I don’t even know if I can make it to November 8th, let alone contemplate the 2018 midterms!

Schilling is going to run for the Senate? Amazing.

Bounce a multi-million dollar state loan for a failed game studio, do some news commentary, then on to the senate!

Schilling should heed the advice of another celebrity (briefly) turned politician.

I worked at 38 Studios and was there when the whole thing crashed and burned. I can promise you there are dozens of people who are ready and willing to tell all about Curt and his role in that mess. Which was significant.

Not in a broken laws kind of way, but just in a complete and total mismanagement way. The guy is terrible businessman.

But to be fair he is a helluva nice guy and very dedicated to his family. He also loves animals of all kinds.

The biggest issue that Hillary will be facing in 2018 is the probability(which grows every month) that we will see a turn in the business cycle and have a recession of some sort before midterms. Unfortunately this is largely out of her hands.

The Chinese real estate bubble is so ludicrous, it makes 2008 look like a minor hiccup. If it goes, no one is safe. You already see Chinese citizens looking to stash their money in foreign real estate. Seattle, which already had a huge housing shortage, is currently their #1 market. Needless to say, it’s not helping things.

I am legit terrified of what is going to happen to the global economy when the various Chinese chickens come home to roost. Possibly moreso because there’s fuck all we can do about it.

I’d argue that the biggest issue for Hillary come the midterms is that Democrats just forget to vote during midterms.

I mean, the Chinese markets realizing they’re built on a house of (poorly made, vaguely toxic) cards would be worse, but who knows? Maybe that holds off another year or two!

This is so depressing in hindsight.

Ah ok, the rest of the thread is pre-election. I was wondering what the hell everyone was talking about. 27% being the low end of crazy? A Democratic wave elected in 2016?

I see. This was before the election. Let’s recalibrate this thread, shall we?

Recalibration complete.

Here’s the first Democratic challenger for 2018 that’s popped up here in West Michigan. Justin Amash has held this seat for a while, and I’d be shocked if anyone without an R by their name could challenge him. But after 2016, who the hell knows what could happen?