Neverwinter goes through a time warp

Title Neverwinter goes through a time warp
Author Nick Diamon
Posted in Games
When May 20, 2013

Perfect World and Cryptic had to deal with a critical economic issue in the Neverwinter MMO over the weekend that allowed exploiters to make off with millions of Astral Diamonds. These diamonds function as the in-game currency for the game..

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I enjoyed how they use the word "beta" as many times as possible in that carefully crafted message, even though Neverwinter is obviously not in beta.

Rollbacks like this always make me think of how Superman saved Margot Kidder. It's basically a cross between cheating and calling a do-over.

Rodalpho, why do you say Neverwinter isn't in beta? Do you just mean its basically a released game and they're using the beta moniker to cover for problems like this?

That is exactly what I meant, yes.

I love how this site is so bad, the mods are the only ones in the comments. And they talk to themselves. :)

IMHO if you can buy from the cash store and spend up to $200 on buying the game its no more a beta that gmail is. Its just a safety net many companies are using now.

And yet you still post here, how bad is that or how bad are you!

Yep, and more importantly they're not wiping your characters and anyone can play. It's not a beta.

Yeah, interacting with the visitors to your site is totally lame. Or when he -doesn't- say much in the comments and people rage-hating don't agree with whatever he has to say call him a pussy for not showing up to 'defend' himself.

I disagree. Even if a game is absolutely complete and is willing to take all the money thrown at it, if a company still wants to give such a game the "beta" label, then players should understand the risks involved.

"Beta" is like a warning sign that means "play at your own risk". If a player doesn't want to deal with that risk, they shouldn't play the game.

If you accept that, wouldn't we logically end up in a world where every game is labeled beta?

Of course not.

I didn't argue that games in perpetual beta are good for players or should be supported. Rather, I argued that players put their time and money at risk by engaging with products known to be incomplete.

If EA called Simcity a beta, would you have given it a pass?