Neverwinter Nights premium modules--net connection required?

Can someone please explain why this is? Is this another one of those stupid !#[email protected]#[email protected] protection schemes a la Steam?

Yes, you need a live Internet connection for each play-session because everytime you start a new game it validates your CD key and decrypts/unlocks the module files.

If I remember correctly, it was the method that allowed BioWare to distribute the modules for the least cost while maintaining a copy protection scheme which would keep Atari happy.

I haven’t purchased any of the premium modules yet, but I hear the copy protection is fairly transparent.

This is true for the most part. On my system, I notice about a 5 second pause as the validation process executes, otherwise it’s just like playing any other module.

I think the explanation was that they already had the CD key check mechanism in place for NWN itself, so leveraging the same system for modules was expedient/cheap.

Then could I close the connection once it does that after the start of play? I’m still stuck with dialup Internet where I live.

Yah, once you pass “Validating…” you should be able to close your connection.

Yep, anytime you start up a new game or load a previous save, you’ll have to go through the validation scheme, but you only need to be connected for that period of time. It leaves anyone without a net connection out of buying the modules, but this way they have a better chance of keeping away those without legitimate copies of the game. It makes sense from a business perspective, although it annoys some people (me included, since I usually disable my net connection and block all traffic before playing any offline games).

Skip them, download Hex Coda instead, it’s pretty good.


Already played it and it’s very impressive. :)

Gagne’s Elegia Eternum and Excrucio Eternum are a couple of my favorites too.