New Angeles Forum Game: Capital, CAPITAL!


We have to remove the orgcrime from 4, otherwise it’s probably just a matter of removing units from higher tiers.


Well, @Lantz old pal, I tried my best to argue our case but we have no support and small hands. I take commitments seriously, but I remember you specified an out if things turned out this way, so no point in wasting cards.

1 card to the counter offer.

@rowe33, this is all the support I think you will need to get your card through, please remember both @Lantz and I when sharing your spoils.

@rho21 next


OK, seems like you’ve had this in the bag in my absence. Please send me your discard @Tim_N.


Pass @Perky_Goth


Sorry @Jorn_Weines can I do it in a day or so? I’m about to fly across the world again and I forget the effects of one of the cards I’m thinking of disposing. Unfortunately on my phone I can’t handle the pdfs or reference sheet to check this (stupid windows phone!). I’ll def do it before my offer next round.


Sure, no stress.

By the way, I updated the first post with a link to the imgur album with the action cards. Now the link even works, it was broken by the grid layout suffix.


Pass @soondifferent


Pass as well, @rowe33

I trust that you see who pushed for your deal the most!


@rowe33, the stakeholder meeting is eagerly awaiting a report from the Public Relations Officer.


Sorry all, didn’t realize we were done already. Where’s the least harmful spots to place the orgcrime units?


There are only 3 valid places to add OrgCrime: 1, 5 and 7. Of these, number 1 seems obvious. I don’t think the other one matters as we need to clear it up wherever it goes.


Wouldn’t putting one in 1 just cause it to be moved by the PriSec? Just want to make sure I understand the rule.

Oops nevermind, reading the map wrong again.


Sorry, just waiting to hear back on a rules question before I finish up.


Should be cleared up now.


I’ll place OrgCrime in 5 and 7. Unfortunately cost overruns are going to prevent me from restoring power to any of the outages though. I apologize on behalf of the Weyland BoD for any inconvenience this may cause.


I see, up to also means 0, you dirty Cylon!


No Cylon! You’re the Cylon!


Sorry for the delay, but preparing for departure for the holiday week. Update tomorrow!

Also, err, the Androids are the Cylons.


Well at least we didn’t go for Tim and my actual reliable plan to meet demands.


I know right? Well done group! At least it’s obvious who the Federalist Cylon is.

I also hope @Perky_Goth regrets smothering my counter offer of rowe33’s emergency power the previous round.