New announcements?

Just saw some interesting news on Frictionless Insight and was wondering if anyone has more info.

  1. Funcom has apparently crossed their AO hurdle and is again committing to new products. Longest Journey 2 is good news. They also say they’re doing another MMO. Think it’s Midgard? That’s the viking commerce simulator they were working on when AO released. I admit, I used to mock the idea, but after playing Europa 1400 multiplayer… well, I could see it working. It’d probably hook you Tale in the Desert folks, too.

  2. Vivendi-Universal has announced “SWAT: Global Strike Team.” Anyone know if this is a renaming of Urban Justice or something new? Pretty sure that UJ was set entirely in LA, so I’m guessing GST would be a new product. Pleasantly surprised that they’re committing that much to the SWAT franchise – I loved SWAT3, but didn’t think it sold too well, nor competed well with Rainbow 6, et al.

On Midgard: it’s hard to say. The evidence for it is that it already exists in some form, and before its team got yanked to work on AO they were actively working on it. The evidence against it is that it’s been much longer than nine months since the team was yanked and Ragnar announced to the Midgard forum that work on it had officially and possibly forever ended. Also, the message boards are still shut down there. That’s significant because Midgard had a devoted following that did nothing all day long but hang out on the Midgard forum. I’d think if Funcom were starting it back up, they’d want to get that crowd back on their team as soon as possible. Then again, this is Funcom we’re talking about…

It’s a different game for consoles. It was being developed by the people doing Malice, Argonaut. Much more action-oriented and futuristic.

I will never again play any game by Funcom. I don’t care what they do.

I wouldn’t go that far. I’d have to play the beta and enjoy it, though. I didn’t like TLJ and AO sucked.

does anyone know if sierra has canceled swat:UJ or was it just not on that list that was released recently.