New car - or 'Tell me what cars you have bought lately (that are interesting)'


The thing I dislike most about automatics is the lack of engine braking. I’m so conditioned to letting up on the gas and having the car slow noticeably. Supposedly the regenerative braking in the Tesla kicks on soon as you let up on the accelerator and has a very similar feel to engine braking. I hope so anyway.


I’d be very curious how those things drive. It looks so slick, and the tech is compelling. I realize that eventually my beloved manuals will go the way of the dodo I suppose, and certainly the Teslas are nice enough to make the lack of shifting a bit more palatable!


I’ll post a trip report in about 6 months. That’s supposedly around when I’ll get a chance to test drive.


After > year of nagging, or should I say continual pursuasion techniques that would make the CIA proud, gave in and agreed to buy a 2006 Mini Cooper S as a second car. Now, we need a second car like we need a - insert metaphor here - (I live in HK ffs) but there you go.

So my wife now has a turbo charged go-cart “to take the dogs for nice walks”. Actually, it is going to be awesome to drive, but do we need it… no.


I would like to say as an American: Sack up, son. Minneapolis ain’t no Hong Kong, and the wife and I do fine, heh.

Or, given your situation, tell your lady to do some gender appropriate variation of sacking up. Either way.


As someone who is driving a 530i (it was nice when it was made in 02) after previously owning a 330i I can say you made a good upgrade. Yeah, a little less sporty and exciting, though still excellent marks in both for a sedan, but much comfier and more practical. Also, as a BMW fan, I’d love to see pics of the new ride!


I saw a Tesla roadster on the road today, oddly enough it was coming out of the Richmond/Jericho area where I live, which is about as unfriendly an area to low-slung electric sports cars as you can possibly imagine. Cool car though.


The Tesla roadster is a great car. For a nice looking, speedy in-town car, it’s totally reasonable and very cool. That’s their target market for it, so that works out OK, but the car doesn’t have much appeal to the more hardcore driving enthusiasts. It’s not, unfortunately, a very good sports car. The batteries throw things off so the handling ends up being sluggish and unresponsive.

They’re also pretty rare in most areas, so it’s definitely a neat “hey! look at that!” moment.


If its an 06, should be supercharged not turbo. Fun cars. I’ve got a 07 Cooper S. If she want more gokart in the handling, add a stiffer rear ARB (sway bar). Makes it turn even quicker with less understeer.


Seriously? I’ll have to keep an eye out for that.

Could be leaf peepers, though, coming back from Stowe along 15.


Had VT tags, but who knows? Electric (hah!) blue, with a black rag top.


Good catch, yes, it is supercharged (nice whine) She’s now thinking that the stereo and speakers aren’t loud enough and need more bass…


Tesla had a huge open house at the Fremont factory over the weekend. You might have seen a Roadster owner on the way home.


Tesla’s have a pretty good range, but not quite that good yet. :)

The new model looks very nice, too. Echoes of Maserati in the design, especially the nose.


Fremont, as in California? If that Tesla made it from there to northern Vermont, I’m impressed!


I saw one in Bellows Falls a couple of months back. 'Probably the same one as I can’t imagine there are a lot of Tesla Roadsters registered in Vermont. It is gorgeous in person.


Oh, wait – I missed that. The one I saw was red. So there are at least two registered in Vermont!


FWIW, they had a test-drive event at Topnotch over Memorial Day Weekend, to entice prospective buyers. Maybe they snagged a couple.

F’ing Gold Towners…


I have a doctor friend that has a tesla roadster, jelly


I saw an Ariel Atom on the streets of Montreal yesterday. It looks amazing in person.