New Chromecasts and Remotes question

We have the new Chromecast with Google TV. We have it attached to a Sony Bravia 950H TV. I want to use the Sony remote because it has functions the CC remote does not. I thought that was going to be easy, because via CEC the Sony remote can control the new Chromecast with ALMOST no problems.

However: the Sony remote power button turns off the TV, soundbar, and Chromecast just as you would expect/hope. But for some odd reason, it does not turn the Chromecast on when I hit the power button to turn everything back on.

That means we have to keep the Chromecast remote around just to turn it on every time we turn the TV on. I’d prefer to stick that remote in a drawer.

Any idea why a Sony remote that works with the device for every other command via CEC AND whose power button will turn the CC off does not turn it on with the same power button? Any clever ideas to fix this?

What happens when you change the source on your TV? When I switch to the HDMI my AppleTV is plugged into, it powers it on.

I may need to play with that. Right now that HDMI is set to “auto” so when the CC is off it doesn’t show in my inputs and I can’t switch to it. I may try tonight to see if I can switch that HDMI to be “On” any time the TV is on.

That’s a good thought path, thanks.

My only other thought is I think some HDMI CEC devices have an option to only turn on with the power button, not off. So if you’re happy leaving the Chromecast on, that should work.

I’ll take a look at that when I get home tonight. Thanks.

Got home last night and switched the HDMI 1 where the Chromecast is connected from “Auto” to “On.” Hit the power button which turned things off, hit the power button again, but HDMI 1 said no device connected. I had to turn on the CC with it’s power button, then switch to another input, then switch back to get it on screen.

The Chromecast CEC options are all or none: no individual way to turn it off for power on/off. I did change the option for the CC remote so that the power button only turned the CC power on and off (and not the TV or Soundbar) hoping that would do the same thing, but no luck.

Very frustrating. Did not have this problem with my Shield TV.