New features in DVD recorders

Some highlights (or lowlights if you consider the price):

[li]Osaka-based Matsushita, the world’s largest consumer electronics maker, also said it plans to offer the world’s first DVD recorders that can store full high-definition programs on conventional DVD discs next month.
[/li][li]Matsushita’s new Blu-ray recorders, which are able to record up to 18 hours of full HD programs on a dual-layer disc, will go on sale on November 1 in Japan.
[/li][li]A model equipped with a one-terabyte hard disk drive is expected to sell for 300,000 yen ($2,600), Matsushita said.
[/li][li]The one-terabyte hard drive can store up to 381 hours of full HD programs.

But how much are the recordable Blu-ray disks themselves? Last I heard they were still $20 apiece or something outrageous like that.

Last I heard was more like $80, so $20 is a huge drop :)