New games from developers of World of Goo and Henry Hatsworth

Kyle Gabler’s Egg Worm Generator

Kyle Gray’s Frobot

The Worm generator is better than Spore.

Frobot needs to be a mascot of some type so I can proudly play more of his adventures on my tv.

World of Goo started as part of EGP, and Kyle Gray left EA; and so I’d say this is very possible.

Eggworm seems to be somewhat busted in that hitting S doesn’t just accelerate time but also the physics so therefore also increases the chance of success for certain worms.

Well I’ve let it run for almost 3000 generations now without speeding it up and they seem to have hit a wall. At generation 22 I have the fastest worm at 37m/s but since generation 1500 they’ve had a little leg block right after their front head and in a few cases another one farther back and are reaching speeds of 6m/s. If I turn the speed up they average 22m/s.