New Google layout sucks

So I was happy with Google last month – they had their search bar, and at the top, they had the Web/Images/Groups/News. I type in a term, and I click to pick where I want to search, all in the same place.

Then they demoted Google Groups. Ok, I can deal with that, it’s just one more click.

This was using their customizable homepage,

Now though, if you search from that page, all the other searches show up on the LEFT side of the screen, far away from the search box, and where the mouse is!

So now I’ve logged out of my google account to get the old behavior back.

What? No they don’t. They’re right there above the search box, where they always are. There’s no difference for me between searching from the regular page or the customized page.

Edit: Also, this is what you brought to my eyes when you made me test this.


Does it for me in Firefox, not in IE! WTF!

I never see the frontpage in Google, since I’ve added searches as
keywords in Opera. The UI is my address bar, in other words.

I am not insane.

It looks like this now, on one computer of mine!

OK, you are not insane :)

Try contacting Google directly. I can’t get it to look like that with any
settings I’ve tried.

Something about it is tied to a cookie, I think. That’s not me, by the way, that posted the picture, it was someone else.