New Heroes V Movie

For those of you wanting a better look at the combat, Nival released a new demo movie showing just that. Folks worrying that Nival was going to mess too much with the formula can relax–the combat looks very Heroes-ish, aside from the addition of close camera cuts to show attack animations (which actually seems to fit into the combat just fine). Also, the grid seems to be squares rather than hexes now.

Damn, nice movie. Thanks!

Man, Winter 2006.

I can only wonder at some of the cool shit they can cram into that time or at the very least put together some kind of kick ass single player campaign and fun multiplayer options and setups.

Or they could totally fuck them up. Come on frenchies! Lets see some magic.

Wow, I was somewhat skeptical about handing this property off to a new team. But they seem to have captured the good feel of the earlier games. The battle sequences look pretty good.

If I’m interpreting that movie right, the heroes no longer fight on the battlefield as in Heroes 4, but some Heroes can have a “special attack” instead of a spell which allows the hero to do some damage directly. Overall the tactical combat looks solid.

The 3D main map looked surprisingly good. I initally thought 3D would add little but the map looks nicely detailed without being busy.

My real question will be how the strategic gameplay shapes up.

Have they announced the number of factions and the number of units per faction yet?

Looking very good. Damn I’m looking forward to this.

Thanks for the link.

Did you see how much time the demo-er spent manually adjusting the camera?

What a pain in the ass. I never had to do that in the original games.

Meanwhile, the gameplay looks about the same.

I am sort of wondering what the point is.

I thought he was just showing off the rotating camera. It didn’t look like that much adjustment was really necessary for playing the game.

The new graphics look great but I hope we can turn off the brief zoom-in when a unit executes an attack… that looks like it would get tedious very quickly!

Yeah, hopefully you don’t have to “play the camera” constantly…

It did look great visually. My only real concern was lack of help for all those options when leveling up, etc. I’m a stickler for accessibility.

Looks like HoMM to me! But why is it the guys with lances in HoMM always smack stuff instead of poking stuff? :roll:

Interesting. Does anyone else see the similarities to Shining Force in the battle sequences? The square grid, the zoomed-in attacks… although, this isn’t exactly a bad thing.

This IS Heroes… I so can’t wait. It looks like such an amazing update it’s not even funny.

But what is this Winter 2006 shit? Just makes me afraid they’ll either mess it up between now and then and/or cancel it. Why must they make me wait!?!?

<3 squares.

Winter 2006. Absolutely no need to even look at it then.

This is maybe a dumb question, in fact I’m pretty sure it is, but is winter 2006 january 2006 or december 2006?

Technically, it should mean “January-March 2006”, since most of winter is during those months. That’s why I wish they just said “1st Quarter 2006” (or “4th Quarter” as the case may be).

I guess if you go by when winter starts… it would be December 2006.
I hope not though.

I don’t get it, the gameplay was exactly like all the other heroes games. I really don’t see what switching this game over to 3d is buying them. I also hate the art style. The old 2d art was well done and quite charming. From what was shown in the video it looks more like a fallout/disciples wasteland.

Well, zooming in on the individual attacks is a pretty feature, but basically, Heroes IV will be almost four years old by the time V comes out, and a lot of people don’t seem to have liked that one, even. When I was asking about the game based on my love of King’s Bounty in the DS thread, I was told to avoid IV and play III instead… that one is already over six years old. Just time for a new one, I guess.

Heroes IV was evil bad. Three was acceptable and II was love. Why they go backwards in goodness, you’ve got me.