New Laptop Advice

I need to purchase a new laptop and really really hate all the spamware/adware shit that Dell puts on their machines. Can anybody recommend a good price/performance alternative to DUDE YOU GOT A DELL?


Are you getting paid by Apple to spam their homepage link on QT3?

Just give him a 1/10 and move on.

Check out places like and They build barebones systems to spec and offer systems without an OS.

I recently purchased a Sager 5760 (Clevo m570u) from Xotic and got a fanfuckingtastic price on it.

Also, is a great resource.

Just give him a 1/10 and move on.

How is recommending an Apple laptop trolling? Their laptops are excellent.


I have a comfortable budget of £100 now, or close to £2000 spare nearer Christmas, with no real rush to buy anything, as I have a working, creaky desktop in England (it’s slowww…) and a super fast desktop in Spain.

I’m interested in a laptop that has decent power, but can also play movies etc. I’d like it to be able to play strategy games like Field of Glory Empires and the Age of Wonders series, also Company of Heroes and Starcraft for when I dabble in those (I can totally own easy AI hahaha.)

A nice sized screen would be nice.

The main reason for this is intended to be a portable replacement for the UK, creaky system, idea being I can pack it up and take it with me when I need to get on flights, or give presentations around the UK and Spain. So something with lots of nice ports.

So, I don’t need a behemoth power system, like my previous laptop, an Alienware system, but something with a nice screen (size and quality) that also lets me dabble in using Blender (I’m very slowly working through a udemy course on Blender.)


Cannot be Alienware (due to how they messed me up once before) and therefore not Dell (as they are the parent company.)

I’ve been looking at this:

Beefy, gamer system.

and this:

looks so cool.

SSD capacity isn’t that big a deal, as I have portable hardrives and usb sticks etc, and I am quite happy having just a dozen games installed at any one time.

My thinking is that the CPU and GPU are the most important things, as they are hardest to upgrade?

I’d welcome thoughts from the QT3 hivemeind.

So, quick summary:

  • £1000-£2000 budget
  • needs to last 3-4 years minimum (the last one, the Alienware, lasted 4 years)
  • needs to play games like Planetfall comfortably
  • Needs to be quite fast and capable, so I can use Blender, do some game modding etc
  • Portable so I can take easily between Spain and England, and around England
  • HD capacity not such a big deal as have external harddrives for music and videos, and can keep the internal for games.

About a year and half ago I was looking for a replacement for my desktop for night time gaming (our bundle of joy ousted me from our office once it became his bedroom) and i ended up going with these guys
Who are based in Portugal but ship to the UK (and i imagine Spain). A lot of companies use the same model of laptops (including UK based Scan Computers) but Obsidian-pc had a very good reputation online for quality system builds customer service and custom software (bios, driver downloads etc…)

They’re not the cheapest laptops around, and the model I got isn’t exactly dinky (but is small enough that I could lunk it to Greece when we visited the inlaws). The model i got could also switch between discrete gpu and intel based graphics which makes a good bit of difference to battery life. Very customisible to your needs and free from shovelware bullshit too.

I’m not sure I’d consider a 17" machine portable.

Depending on how graphically demanding you want to get, I’d consider the Razer Blade 15 or one of the MSI Stealth range. The former has a better build quality, but is heavier and you’ll be paying extra for it. That might be overkill given the games you’re listing though, which look more CPU dependent (or just old). You might be able to get away with something lower powered and therefore lighter/cheaper (like, say, an XPS 15, if it weren’t for the Dell ban) . Have a look at some benchmarks and consider it.

On a laptop, basically impossible.

That’s a good point. Plus I have spare monitors in both locations, so can use those as needed.

@HUMBY50 I’ll check that website out. Thanks.