New 'Master and Commander' movie in the works?

I read that article earlier today. I didn’t know the movie was such a phenomenon, not that it was now considered a dad flick. But I’m a dad, so be it. Actually, probably time to do another re-read, now that I think about it.

Even though Twentieth Century Fox has been seized and made a prize of the jolly Walt Disney Studios, I wonder if the sequel mentioned in the OP is still in development Perdition? Or has it been sent into the briny deep?

I love the movie, and finally just began going through the (audio)books. Still in the first one. The language is something of a barrier but I’m getting used to it.

Also check this out:

I (and many others) have always said that M&C is the best Star Trek movie of its era.

Makes sense, as both Star Trek and the Aubrey/Maturin books are descendants of the Horatio Hornblower novels.

See what you made me do, Qt3?

We just passed the 20th anniversary of Far Side of the World. As such, a lot of commemoration pieces in the press.

Just watched it again. SO F*CKIN’ GOOD, THAT MOVIE!

Such a shame they never made any more. I really like the Age of Sail period and there aren’t many movies set there.

It really is a bummer there weren’t any sequels, but on the bright side O’Brien wrote something like twenty-five books about the ongoing adventures of Captain Aubrey and Stephen Maturin and they’re all really solid stories that flesh out the characters wonderfully. If you haven’t yet, I do highly recommend checking them out.

Heh, clear ‘Feel old yet?’ for me. Had one asked me spontaneously when M&C got released, my gut feeling would have been 2008-ish.

One of the many (many!) delightful things about my trip to the Galapagos was strolling on some of the very recognisable scenery from that film

Watched it again last night with my wife and daughters. STILL SO F*CKIN’ GOOD, THAT MOVIE!

I have a long list of favorite moments but this is one of them: