New members, meet new friends. Welcome!


Welcome, man. Jump in to the conversations when you feel ready.


Yay new people welcome!



Never heard of it – how is it?

I just started Shetland on Netflix. Looks promising.


Welcome @El_Conquistador good to have you aboard the good ship QT3.


I think you’re supposed to say “I claim this forum in the name… of SPAIN!” :D




It is a 5 book series by Daniel Abraham of “The Expanse” fame. The series features good characterization with each chapter devoted to one character’s perspective, but not a lot of detailed combat if that is a must for your fantasy reading. I’ll give it 4 out of 5 stars (I’m on Book 4).

Let me know if Shetland is a good watch.


Welcome @El_Conquistador!

Being an automotive middle manager, what do you think of all these production line management sims inspired by the automotive industry?


Great to have you join us! Please don’t burn our city and steal all our gold!


I think he will bring a civilizing presence and the Word of the Lord.




Glad to have you.


And in return, we will give him our syphilis. :D Welcome El!


@El_Conquistador, I’m also trying to play FM18. The last version I played was 2014, so it’s been a bit of a struggle to figure things out.


Greetings El_Conquistador!


My name is Arsalan Ahmed. I just joined QT3 yesterday. Currently doing MBA-Marketing and whenever I have free time, I play video games and hang out with friends.


Hi there. Welcome!


Thanks. :)



Thanks. I’m male though haha


I had missed a welcome to @El_Conquistador, welcome sir!

Welcome to QT3! Also, I burned out doing my MBA and haven’t been back. But marketing? Dude, that’s tough. Good luck and make it to the walk, sir!

Any specific game genres you like to play?