New Mother Board Issues

Finally got around to installing my new motherboard. Also have a new case.

Power it up, get the intel mb screen flashes, asks me how i want to load windows, then it says to protect my computer from damages it will not load any further - STOP: 0X0000007B.

The system is going from an AMD/ASUS system to an intel/intel setup. Is this going to be messy? Should I just think about installing the OS again on a blank drive? Don’t really want to do this, as that system has win98 - > xp upgrade installed on it.

I checked the MS KB articles, but they offer about 500 possibilities. Wondering if anyone here had gone through this.



I’m going to say you probably need a clean XP install. You don’t need to blank the drive though.

Boot failures with 2K/XP upon changing motherboards are usually caused by a failure to change the IDE controller to standard IDE before switching the board.

2K and XP are looking for the old IDE controller, instead they’ve got an Intel controller, and for whatever reason, it doesn’t try to use “standard” as a fallback.

You could plug everything back into the old one and reset that, and then plug everything back in again and go probably.

You might try checking out this thread over at ars technica:
“Swapping your board without so much as a reinstall”.

Seems to work for most people.

Just boot from the XP CD and perform a recovery install. After that, you should be able to boot into Windows. You’ll then have to install the motherboard drivers and Windows updates, but your system settings should remain intact.

At least, this is how we used to do it for Windows 2000: “No” to the 1st repair prompt, and “Yes” to the second*. I know this still works for Windows XP. Perhaps Windows XP swaps out motherboard drivers even if you say “Yes” to the 1st repair prompt. I haven’t tried it.


*Boot from your XP CD.

It’ll ask you if you want to Repair. Say “NO”
Pretend like you’re installing Windows XP from scratch…
…except when it asks you where you want to create the Window folder, use the one that already exists.

The installer will detect the previous installation, and again ask you if you want to repair. This time, say “YES” and follow the remaining installer prompts.

You may already know this, but you don’t have to install W98 to get the XP upgrade to work. You can just install using the XP cd and it will prompt you for the W98 CD, check to make sure you have it, then go ahead with a clean XP install.

None of this means you have to reinstall to get out of your current fix, but if you ever did…