New Music Thread - 2017


First new Dream Syndicate album in 30 years this fall, though Steve Wynn has basically been making his solo career Dream Syndicate. This is terrific.


That is terrific!

And so is this:

I love that Kristine used the album title for shipping. ❤


I get conditioned to not expect much from these long-layoff reunions, but so far this year has produced a few good ones. At least from the evidence so far, Dream Syndicate will make the list.


New SPC ECO is nice, a bit more swirly shoegaze than some of their recent albums which had gone a bit more synthpop. This is the father daughter project of Dean Garcia (half of Curve) and his daughter Rose Berlin. Rose at times sounds oddly similar to Tony Halliday (the other half of Curve)


I’m so sorry to read this news.

Back in 2000, newly married and fresh out of film school, I went to L.A. to live with a buddy for a couple of weeks so we could work on a screenplay together. While there, soaking up the seductive Hollywood lifestyle, I listened incessantly to the debut album by Beachwood Sparks. It just nailed the west coast mood perfectly and, to this day, listening to that album can transport me back to a really happy time in my life. Such a blissful sound they had.

Thanks for the music, Josh… and rest easy.


A friend who knows the record company that put out the Painted Hills record tipped me off about Josh back then. It was kinda hush-hush at the time because they were trying to find some bigger distribution for it to help him with medical expenses.

So sad. That Beachwood Sparks album is tremendous. As is the Painted Hills record.


Aw man. He was in a group in the early 90s called Further. It’s very of it’s time, of course, but they made a terrific album called Sometimes Chimes that was in fairly heavy rotation around my place that summer.

He also drummed in really great combo called The Summer Hits that I saw live several times (and whose lead singer also passed on last year…these guys die too young).


Hell I never heard of The War On Drugs until Youtube recommended this 30 minute live set done in the KEXP studios that totally sold me. This music just puts me into some kind of a zen state, and so I promptly ordered the CD, and have been really enjoying it. Skilled musicians, and a Dylan-like vocalist. An extremely tight performance. Irresistible. If you can give that little snippet I linked a chance, you’ll find out quickly whether it’s your thing. It is certainly my thing now.


And speaking of music that puts me in a zen-like state, the new Magna Carta Cartel EP “The Demon King”(Youtube link to the full audio) has finally been released here in the States, a year after it was recorded. Amazon purchase link to the EP.

I love it, however not quite as much as their previous full-length album, “Goodmorning Restrained” (Youtube link - full audio), which was originally released in digital form only back in 2009. This album has also finally recently received a proper CD release (Amazon purchase link).

I personally am more partial to the 2009 “Goodmorning Restrained” album, since to me it is somewhat more reminiscent of early Pink Floyd atmospheric music than the new “TheDemon King” album is, although I enjoy both releases in their own way, as both are very relaxing to me. “The Demon King” is a bit more obvious in its recording, while “Goodmorning Restrained” is more subtle and quiet in its approach to recording, which appeals to me a bit more when relaxation is my goal.

Bonus: They also did a fantastic and unusual cover of Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face”.


Yeah, new Destroyer!


That’s a pretty cool song, but the title is even better.

I’m pretty excited about this new Four Tet album that’s dropping in a couple of weeks…I’m kind of in love with the Subcontinental direction his music seems to be taking:


Yeah, that’s nice. And I agree… I thought Morning Side was the coolest-sounding thing he’s done in ages.


This was kind of fascinating:


Saw Mark Burgess doing the Chameleons Vox thing again last night, along with Soft Kill. Man The Chameleons were just so good, and Burgess is still fantastic, they should have been bigger than they were.


Checking out video from Riot Fest and it looks like Jawbreaker killed it. If there was any doubt how influential they were you just need to check out the side stage, you could fill a small club with all the people up there from other bands.



Hoo boy. Gonna have to get myself in the proper frame of mind for this one.


Godspeed You! Black Emperor’s new album “Luciferian Towers” is streaming on NPR a few days ahead of the release. For those who don’t know them, they are the post-rock act.


That one I’ve heard already, and it’s a pretty stunning piece of work.


Gonna be this weekend before I have a chance to sit down and listen to the new Clientele, looking forward to it. I showed my wife, who is from mainland China, the Asian shoegaze article and she’s actually been able to translate some lyrics from YouTube videos of the bands mentioned, pretty cool.

And going to see Swervedriver tonight. Good time to be alive.