New Music Thread - 2017


80s French Cold Wave band Trisomie 21 have a new album out today, so far I like it.


Now there’s a name I haven’t heard in awhile.

Maybe a;Grumh and The Cassandra Complex will make a comeback next.


If I told you this band’s name, you’d never give 'em a listen. So instead I’ll mention that it’s a founding member of The Royal Headache, and that if you ever dug on the music of The Saints or Radio Birdman…well…

Here. Have some.


You called it! I was browsing Pitchfork right before I saw your post and skipped over that album review when I saw their name. But I like Stunned enough to give them a shot.


And so this morning another band I follow on social media posts that they caught this album release show last night by a new artist, and got knocked on their collective asses.

So sure. That’s interesting. I’m intrigued. The artist they mention is named Angelica Rockne, and her debut record that she was gigging last night for an album release is called Queen of San Antonio, which is an awesome album title (she’s actually from some place called Nevada City, California, which sounds like it should be the name of a place in a western), so already I’m kinda rooting for her.

But holy shit.

This I was not expecting. This is goddamned thing has hit me like a ton of bricks. It ends, and I just hit repeat. There’s definitely a Gram Parsons, Sweetheart of the Rodeo-era Byrds thing happening, but also some Bobbie Gentry and some pre=fame Dolly Parton going on. And some sly indie moves in there (I guess her first bands were doing shoegaze or something similar), that jump out to be just subversive enough to keep this from being a rote retro tribute.

Here’s some honky tonkin’:

And here’s some “Holy shit, this song is just amazing, and goddamn that guitar is just killing me.”


Agreed! Halfway through and really digging it.


Sleepy Kitty, who’ve always claimed their three influences are Sonic Youth, The Velvet Underground…and Les Mis (the Broadway musical), have an EP coming out next week called Bastard Orphan that re-imagines songs from the first act of Hamilton, and the first two exemplars on that have been pretty goddamn terrific.

Here’s one:

Origin of the project:

The project started purely as amusement. The Hamilton soundtrack was on heavy rotation in the Sleepy Kitty tour van, and eventually vocalist/guitarist Paige Brubeck noted the song “That Would Be Enough”‘s melodic similarities to Guided By Voices’ “I Am a Scientist.” Drummer Evan Sult was dubious, so she worked up a version to prove it. One experiment led to another, and soon the duo was sneaking a couple Hamilton songs into their set almost as a dare. The intensity of the response from Hamilton lovers - they’re everywhere, even indie rock clubs - convinced the band to get their versions down on tape.


It’s not new music, but it’s a good week for shows in Austin - Twin Peaks is playing wednesday night at a smaller club - should be a fantastic venue for their high energy show, and Peter Case is playing friday at the cactus cafe which is just a fantastic listening room. I have seen the venerable Mr Case at that venue twice, but not in a decade, so I’m really looking forward to it.


Peter Case is on my musical Mount Rushmore. Jealous!


Come down to Austin for the weekend. I’ll show you around the place :)


Trying to decide if I want to go to one of these Blake Babies/Letters to Cleo gigs this week…


Holy crap, I would be there in a heartbeat. I’m actually going to be in New England the following week, and if I’d known about those gigs a month ago, I’d have arranged travel plans accordingly.

I wonder if it’s too late to rearrange my travel plans accordingly…


let me help…Yes, yes you do. I had Cesspool on infinite replay when I was 22.


This year in general has been insane for concerts. I just passed 25 shows since January, and have missed more than that that interested me. I might just crack 30 by year’s end.


Yeah it’s been a good year. Here’s what I’ve seen, most of it has been over the last 3 months or so. It’s a bit nostalgia heavy but there’s some newer artists in there :P

Cloud Nothings
Poptone (Daniel Ash/Kevin Haskins doing Love and Rockets and Tones on Tail stuff)
Depeche Mode
The Chameleons (Vox) w/ Soft Kill
Front 242
KMFDM w/ ohGr
Psychedelic Furs w/ Bash and Pop (Tommy Stinson)
The Breeders

And I’ve still got a few more shows already lined up (Beach Slang, Gary Numan). I’d probably definitely go to the Letters to Cleo gig if I wasn’t already going to Kaiju Big Battel on Saturday, mostly trying to sort out if I have the energy to hit two things back to back like that this week, my introvert self can only take so much crowd time in a week.

  • Mega Colossus album release party
  • Reel Big Fish + Anti Flag
  • Gost
  • Alcest + The Body
  • Nile + Amorphis + Overkill + Swallow the Sun
  • Octopus Project
  • Anthrax + Killswitch Engage
  • Amon Amarth + Goatwhore
  • Sabaton + Battle Beast + Leaves Eyes
  • Nordjevel
  • Raleigh Death Fest (feat. like 10 diff bands, including Datura, Outlair, Noctomb, Moyn’oq, Suppressive Fire, Bloodsoaked, and Eldritch Horror)
  • Aether Realm album release party
  • Slayer + Behemoth + Lamb of God
  • All Hell + Datura
  • Suppressive Fire + Gates of Endor
  • They Might Be Giants
  • Haken + Sithu Aye
  • Dark Tranqulity + Warbringer
  • Insomnium + Innoculum
  • VNV Nation
  • Mastodon + Russian Circles + Eagles of Death Metal
  • Outliar + Gates of Endor
  • Gost + Dance with the Dead
  • Arch Enemy + Trivium
  • Theocracy + Knightmare

Lots of local metal acts, but the scene here in Raleigh is just astoundingly good and lively. Still to come for sure is Devin Townsend Project + Clutch, Cut Copy, and another local metal gig with Datura, Noctomb, and Gates of Endor. . . but also kinda hoping to go see The Mountain Goats and Dream Theater if time permits :)


Good thing I scrolled back, I was about to give big ups to The Luxembourg Signal, but forgeforsaken already took care of that one. That album is all kinds of excellent.

Also, took Trigger’s advice and gave Xavier Boyer’s album a listen, and digging that one too. I was never much of a Tahiti 80 fan (mostly due to there already being a better version of their music from The Cardigans), but Boyer’s solo work is really appealing in a retro AM radio hits kind of way.


This is terrible. I’m hopeful for a full recovery for him. He is still a brilliant, bright light, and also one of the sweetest, kindest people in the music biz.

Statement from Mary Winzig:

Scott McCaughey, the ever-smiling, sunglasses-wearing front man of the bands The Minus 5 and the Young Fresh Fellows, and side man to countless bands — including M. Ward, The Baseball Project, Tired Pony, and R.E.M. — suffered a stroke while on a West Coast tour with Alejandro Escovedo. He is in stable condition.

Loved by many and a best friend to all, Scott brings a very bright light to the stage. In his ever-changing hats and loud sports coats, Scott exudes such joy while he performs.

“Scott McCaughey is one of the unsung heroes of rock n roll. A true believer and one of the most creative people I have ever met.” says guitarist Peter Buck.

The road to recovery will be a long one, and we believe it will come through music. We can’t wait to see him back in action. The collective energy of the entire creative community is powerful enough to overcome this hurdle. With the love and support of all of you, Scott will continue to share his love of music with the world.

We promise to provide continued updates and will share any messages of support you want to send with him.

Sent with love from Mary Winzig (wife of Scott McCaughey) and the entire R.E.M. community


Ugh, that sucks. I used to like YFF quite a lot.


Perturbator’s latest video is rich in neon-striped Blade Runner/Ghost in the Shell goodness and 80s-inspired synthwave sounds and basically required viewing.