New Music Thread - 2017


Here, have some awesome Barcelona rock.




Mark E. Smith, from tonight. Apparently his health is not so great.


Speaking of aging iconoclasts, every time I think I can safely write Morrissey out of my life, he surprises me with something awesome.


Those Mark E. Smith shots…yikes.


RIP to the legendary godfather of Australian rock and roll in all its forms, George Young. Sure, most memorializing him as the older brother, manager, and producer of AC/DC, but c’mon. George was in the fuckin’ Easybeats. If you were in the Easybeats, everything else you’ll ever do in your life is epilogue.


One last bit on George Young. He and writing/producing buddy Harry Vanda had a brief collaboration project called “Paintbox” after the Easybeats broke up. The record label couldn’t believe it was two white dudes from Australia, so the record sleeve for their only single has five black guys who I guess were supposed to make audiences/customers think they were the band.


New Turbowolf hits March 9, 2018.


I’ve been listening to a lot of King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard and The Bombay Royale, both Australian acts.

King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard is in the middle of a creative tear, working on their fourth LP this year. Many of their albums are very distinct musically, the first this year (Flying Microtonal Banana) dealt with microtones and has a very Eastern / Indian feel. The second (Murder of the Universe) was a synth-rock driven trilogy of 15m songs dealing with the world’s end. For the third (Sketches of Brunswick East) they teamed with the Mild High Club for a very jazzy sound.

The Bombay Royale is fronted by a traditional Indian singer woman and a Bangladeshi man. They are backed by a horn section, a sitar, etc. Picture soundtracks to 70s movies with a distinct Bollywood flair. Their second album was featured heavily in last year’s Far Cry 4.

I’ll try and provide links later, if anyone is interested, but I really dig them.


Xavier Boyer of the amazing Tahiti 80 has a solo album out, and the lead single is pretty great…


That Xavier Boyer album sounds great so far. You’re on a roll! ‘Always Here’ by Stay quickly became one of my favorites of the year.

A new album from Fever Ray just came out of thin air. Only heard it once so far but it sounded great and there were at least 4 or 5 stand-out tracks including IDK About You and This Country. She’s amazing.


@Thraeg shared a great new album over in the metal thread that’s really more in a sort of weird space amidst spacey prog rock, hardrock, and willowy noodly classic rock, so I figured it might actually appeal to you folk :P

Thank the musical gods for Sweden is all I’m saying. Excerpts from a Future Past is excellent.


Saw them last night, so awesome.


I think Ex Hex was well liked around here. Well Betsy Wright from Ex Hex along with Laura King of Flesh Wounds have a new band, Bat Fangs.


I’m jealous! And thanks for the Bat Fangs.


Something else that might be worth checking out is the dreampop band The Luxembourg Signal’s new album. They are made up of members of Trembling Blue Stars, Aberdeen, and Field Mice.


I managed to listen to separate 90 second snippets of the first three Blitzen Trapper songs from their new album Remember How Good Furr Was And How Much You Guys Liked Us Then? before I got so bored I wanted to do something more enjoyable, like fold laundry.

It’s almost painful to hear how formulaic they’ve gotten, now much I was thinking “Yes, I’ve heard you guys do this same song on other records, at least twice now,” while listening. Furr is a tremendous record, a barely-contained eclectic, chance-taking record. This is just snap-together model formula.



RIP Fred Cole, the frontman of the amazing Dead Moon.


I missed this 5 days ago but here’s a belated LOL! Too bad about the new record… I tried 3 or 4 songs and decided you weren’t wrong.