New Music Thread - 2017


If you were wondering if the other songs on the forthcoming Spiral Stairs solo record were going to be as good as “Dance (Cry Wolf)”, the answer appears to be…yeah, maybe.


Less in love with that Spiral Stairs song, but not bad.

For the shoegazers, there a new Ride song out today:

Yep, it’s a song alright.


I’m kind of fond of the new Drab Magesty album The Demonstration. Darkwave/Coldwave. Bit of early Clan of Xymox here


I’ve had this on heavy repeat over the past few days. I don’t always love Lana, but when I do, I realllly love her.


Now here’s the Robyn Hitchcock I’ve missed!


Really dig this song. I’m a little less excited by the full album, but that track is amazing.

[quote=“rrmorton”, post:24, topic:127996, full:true"]
I’ve had this on heavy repeat over the past few days. I don’t always love Lana, but when I do, I realllly love her. [/quote]

I mean, she’s apparently just going to repeat herself over and over, but as long as she keeps making songs with particular lazy-dreamy sound with David Lynch’s backing band, I’ll keep listening.

To add my own something, loving the new Sondre Lerche album. Little New Order, little Momus, lots of Pet Shop Boys, a little sad, a little anxious. (Hidden due to some possibly NSFW light-nudity):



Nice! Thanks for that one. Sounds like an intriguing direction for Mssr. Lerche.

My online record shop is currently featuring an EP from an Australian band called Flowertruck so I tried a couple songs and fell for them immediately. Probably because they sound like every band I loved in the 90s.


I’m only bummed you heard them first!

Frank and Walters, James, Fatima Mansions, and so on.


Yeah, their sound is that of Steve Kilbey fronting New Order as a Camper Van Beethoven cover band. Good stuff.


Adorable girlie-pop from No Thank You.


In sadder news, apparently John Lever, the old drummer for the Chameleons, passed away a few days ago


Yeah, I saw that a few days ago due to a vlogger who I watch semi-regularly on Youtube who did a nice tribute to him. RIP, Mr. Lever.


Wire, still killing it:


More new Slowdive. Another winner.


So some of you may recall that my sister and bro-in-law founded and operate a brewery in Nantucket called Cisco Brewers. Welp, look who’s been spotted out in the world sporting a Cisco cap!

That little lighthouse is from their Sankaty Light lager. SO awesome.


That’s amazing!


RIGHT?! I’m freaking out. Can’t think of many other people who could top that. McCartney, Obama, Beyonce…


Very cool. Shaking my fist at Mick looking 800 years old and still having more cool in his pinkie finger than I’ll encounter in my life, including the cap.


The new Shins album Heartworms has more than a couple of absolute gems, chief among them…

That’s my favorite song of the year so far. Am I goofy or does it sound a little like Abba? Something in how the chorus brightens and blooms each time it arrives. I just love it.

Great opening lyrics too: Long in tooth, olives and vermouth, I dine like an aging pilot. Where are they now, the money and the crowd, Must I really come back down?


The new Pile album is out and is certainly worth a listen. I should be seeing them live this weekend to finally find out if their live shows live up to the hype.