New Night Court at NBC, with John Larroquette returning

‘Night Court’ Sequel With John Larroquette Set At NBC; Melissa Rauch EP – Deadline

Had to post this, I was a huge, huge fan of Night Court. It was the silliest show but had such great characters. Really big fan of John Larroquette too, so it’s great to see that the new show would get him back.

There’s no way on this planet that Dan Fielding remains as beloved by the audience as he was in the 80s without sacrificing everything that made him a good, fun character.

While we’re at it, time to get Brent Spiner back for a cameo.

Without Harry Anderson I’m exceptionally dubious.

I’ve been watching West Wing on Netflix lately, and John Larroquette has a small role as white house counsel that perfectly suits him. It was great to see him again (even if this was from almost 20 years ago now). Definitely made me miss Night Court. Hard to imagine it being the same.

Also, man is very tall.

He still pops up from time to time. The last thing I remember seeing him in was when they brought Murphy Brown back for a single season a couple years ago. It’s always a, ‘hey, John Larroquette! I love that guy!’ kind of moment. Now I kind of want to watch Blind Date again.

He won four straight Emmys for that role and probably would have had 5, but he took his name out of consideration for the award.

Fun fact: Ellen Foley, who played the Public Defender in season 2, sang the female backing vocals on Meat Loaf’s ‘Bat Out of Hell’ album. Also on The Clash’s ‘Hitsville UK’.


He makes everything better, and I loved Night Court. I’m so in.

Yeah, it won’t be the same without Harry Anderson, but hey, Laroquette is certainly a good start. We’ve also lost Bull, of course.

I didn’t even know she was ever on the show!

Ellen Foley’s two late-70s solo albums are totally terrific records of that kinda cool pop/disco/art punk thing that briefly flourished in the NYC music scene with Blondie and Garland Jeffreys.

We haven’t really lost Bull; I mean Richard Moll is still alive and, according to IMDB still occasionally working. I wonder if they’ve approached him about this.

He’s in the top two Two-Faces in Batman history; I was actually worried when Benny said we lost him.

Plus, he wasn’t the best guest star Babylon 5 ever had, but he was far, far, far from the worst.

Larroquette was also a regular on the Librarians. He and Anderson were the two that really stood out on Night Court.

Perhaps they could lure him in by offering him a Shatner Turbo 2000.

He was great on Boston Legal, also.

Is it time for the Smarmy '80s Guy to make a comeback generally? Let’s resurrect Peter Scolari’s career! And whatever happened to Corbin Bernsen?

I still say Cosby*/Family Ties/Cheers/Night Court was the all time ultimate ‘must see TV’ lineup.

*hey, we didn’t know back then.

The womanizing, arrogant, money-grubbing, proudly insensitive lawyer type?


It’s worked before!

Yeah, they waited too long. I remember a number of years back on the Giant Bombcast they did some speculative recasting for Night Court and Neil Patrick Harris was floated for the new Harry.

Night Court is one of those bits of American pop culture that I hear referenced all the time but never made it over here, or if it did, didn’t persist after I was of an age to be consuming pop culture. So I’m pretty fascinated to see what all the fuss is about. But the chances of an NBC show making it over here now are pretty much nil.